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100 Pounds Lost

Share Your Story: How I Lost Weight with Low-Carb Eating

By Jill Knapp

Updated December 15, 2009

100 Pounds Lost

Before 237

100 Pounds Lost

After 137

How much weight I lost and how long it took

I lost 100 pounds in just about 3 yrs.

The approach I've used to lose weight

I eat 6 small meals a day! Lot's of veggies and lean protein.

No popular fad diet. I made up my own. My feelings are you must create something you can use forever so I did.

Eating 6 small meals a day left me never hungry. It also helps the metabolism move.

Tips and Tricks

  • * Always eat Breakfast
  • * Eat six small meals a day vs. 3 big one.
  • * Never starve yourself. You won't lose eight that way.
  • * Be consistent
  • * Gather support as you are losing the weight from friends and family to help be there for you through your journey.
  • * Journal your food intake!
  • * Be patient with yourself. It did not take you a few weeks to put on the weight and it's going to take much longer then a few weeks to take off the weight.
  • Good luck and when you are done meeting your goals help others by sharing your story!

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