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Traveling Low-Carb

Heading out for a spring break? How to stay low-carb when you're away from home.

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Have a Low-Carb Easter

Wednesday April 16, 2014
easterWhat are your Easter food traditions? Glazed ham? Chocolate? Let's see if we can find some ways to cut back on carbs while enjoying the day. I've written up some suggestions for a low-carb Easter with links to recipes all over About.com's Food and Drink Channel to help you out.

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Low-Carb Passover

Friday April 11, 2014
altYou'd think low carbers would have an edge at Passover. After all, we don't really go in for bread (leavened or not) at any time of the year, and we tend to make most of our dishes without flour. To a large extent, it's true that there are advantages to eating low carb at Passover. There are a couple of potential snags, and I try to help you get around them. I wish a joyful Low-Carb Passover to all who celebrate.

Photo: Mitch Hrdlicka/Getty Images

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Should we Eat a Plant-Based Diet?

Monday April 7, 2014
tofuA couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Second Low-Carb Revolution, where the medical community is very slowly, inch by inch, coming around to the value of carbohydrate reduction. But there are certainly still vocal people who think that everyone should eat lots of carbohydrate, and believe me, I hear from them. One loosely organized group is made up of a few vegans, who have been fighting low-carb eating for years (sometimes using underhanded tactics such as misrepresenting the cause of Dr. Atkins death).

More commonly, anti-low-carbers simply misrepresent the facts, or nutrition research. Readers have alerted me to two videos making the rounds right now that are either opposed to carbohydrate reduction, or think that's it could be OK if the diet is vegan. And of course they want to know what I think about this. Should we be eating a plant-based diet for optimum health? Read More...

Are You Missing Important Nutrients?

Wednesday April 2, 2014
altWhen we change our diets, we may wonder whether we're getting adequate nutrition. A low-carb diet, after all, can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on our food choices. There are 5 specific nutrients that people tend to get less of on a low-carb diet. Find out what they are, low-carb foods to include in your diet that are rich in these nutrients, and why eating food is better than taking pills. Check out: Are You Missing Important Nutrients? .

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