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Low-Carb Labor Day


In the U.S., Labor Day weekend feels like the end of summer, and we celebrate by getting out the grill one more time and inviting a few people over.  Help keep your cookout low in carbs with these suggestions.

Labor Day Recipes
Low Carb Diets Spotlight10

How to Avoid Boredom on a Low-Carb Diet

Don't become one of the low-carb dieters who quit because they are bored with the food! Tips to keep your low-carb way of eating interesting.

Grilled Dilled Salmon - Easy

This grilled salmon recipe takes only a very few minutes to put together, and is one of the salmon recipes we like to serve to guests.

The Problems with Processed Foods

Reasons to stay away from processed foods, and two great book recommendations.

Avoid the College Carb Trap

The College Carb Trap: Avoid college weight gain by reducing carbs in a healthy way - a low-carb guide to college.

Mediterranean Summer Vegetables

Nothing says "late summer" to me like cooking up a mix of farm-fresh eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, and squash, and seasoning it in a Mediterranean way. It's like the summer sun has been captured on my plate! This is similar to ratatouille, but has a slightly different texture and flavors. It is great cold as a salad the next day, or reheat for an omelet filling.

How Our Brains Cause Weight Regain

Research shows that our brains respond to our appetite hormones by increasing so-called emotional eating.

Lasagna in a Bowl

This is an assembled lasagna layered in a bowl. You don't have to bake it at all, but has all the flavors of lasagna. This is a low-carb version made with spaghetti squash or low-carb pasta.

The Wonders of Olive Oil

Health benefits of olive oil, types of olive oil, and how to add more olive oil to your diet -- selection, storage, and cooking tips.

Low-Carb Food Rules

Six simple rules to follow on your low-carb diet.

Low-Carb Fast Food

Three main rules to follow for low-carb fast food, with links to advice for eating low-carb at specific fast-food restaurants.

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