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Weight loss, working on blood sugar.

Share Your Story: How I Control My Blood Sugar

By LisaDemanna

Updated November 22, 2011

What changes I made

I was told I have diabetes 10 months ago, so I decided I would try to do Atkins. Since I had gotten a glucose meter I tried my best to get my sugar down to 90, then not let it go above 120. I was very successful at first, losing 50 lbs in 2 months. In the next 7 months I have lost 25 pounds, with 125 pounds to go. Now I'm having a hard time getting my blood glucose below 110, even if I fast of all carbs for 16+ hours. Can I still get into ketosis and stay there even though I can't get my glucose below110? The higher glucose may be a result of Seroquel/Fluoxetine, which I need to continue taking. Any answers? Please.

How I did it

I started by walking 1/2 a block, having to stop and rest. Now I walk 2 to 12 miles a day. Using the glucose meter gives me confidence that I'm eating properly.I eat my carbs, such as fruit and bran cereal, in the mornings. It burns off and I'm back in ketosis until the next morning.

Tips & tricks

  • Eating sugar free jello makes me hungrier...skip it. Doing a bunch of really short walks a day works wonders. I buy a roast, part-way freeze it to make it easy to slice thin, then freeze the thin strips. They're quick and easy to throw in a skillet with your choice of frozen veggies for a meal any time. Besides butter and olive oil I keep on hand chinese hot oil, soy oil, and ginger/garlic stir fry oil for chinese flavor without the carbs. I keep Chinese hot sauce too, which is very low in carbs. Pickled cucumber, peppers, and other veggies are your friends. So are olives.

Laura Dolson, About.com Low Carb Diets, says:

Are you using Ketostix to measure your ketosis? And what are your post-prandial BG numbers like? One thing I'd like to understand better, speaking personally, is why some pre-diabetics and diabetics have the most trouble with post-prandial BG's (what I think of as "the ceiling") and others have more trouble with fasting BGs ("the floor"). If it is any consolation, from what I can tell people with "the floor problem" seem to have a somewhat lower risk associated as far as heart disease and complications -- and also they are in the minority.

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