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Reader Submissions: Low-Carb Blogs and Web sites


Updated December 12, 2011

There's no doubt about it: changing our way of eating is a challenge which is best shared! Here are others who are living a low-carb life and want to tell us about it! Do you have a low-carb oriented blog or Web site? It could be a food and cooking blog, an informative blog, or one where you share your low-carb journey with others. Here's a great chance to let others know about it. (Note: If your blog is less than four months old, please submit later. I am finding that many people are enthusiastic about their blogs when they are new, but it turns out to be a short-lived hobby.)

Lean Ape

To show that anyone can get fit, lean and healthy without feeling they are sacrificing anything.I'm a naturally greedy and exercise phobic kind of girl. So if I can make the LeanApe approach to diet …More

Fluffy Chix Cook

Fluffy To Fit One Meal At A Time!Fluffy Chix Cook relates the story of a Fluffy Chix with several serious metabolic disorders - the most recent, a Stage IIIC Breast Cancer diagnosis.The blog follows …More

Changing My Life with Bariatric Surgery

I started my blog to document my weight loss journey. My journey began on June 7, 2010, but I started my blog in January 2011. I wanted to tell people the truth about bariatric surgery and low carb e…More

Traveling Low Carb

I started Traveling Low Carb a couple of months after starting the Low Carb Diet. I had lost almost 20 pounds by then, and was on a series of three trips in a row. On the 3rd of those trips, to Okalo…More

Buttoni's Low Carb Recipes

My goal in setting up this blog was to offer Atkins versions of a wide variety of recipes for Snacks & Appetizers, Salads, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts, Breakfast foods, Breads and even Spices …More

Grass Fed Girl

I want to help and connect with people who are living a low carb and paleo lifestyle. I want to educate people about eating real food so they can have longevity and peace of mind about food. I also w…More

Söt utan socker (Sweet without sugar)

I started my blog in May 2011, but I've been eating according to lchf since September 2010 and I also started to exercise at the same time. I have never regretted that I changed my diet to lchf becau…More

Low GI Jill

I started my blog in September 2010, hopefully to give some hope to anyone who is stuck in a rut of yo-yo dieting and/or binging/starving. I talk about my persona low carb journey and the first few w…More

Get Fit Katie, one woman's low carb journey from fat to fit!

Hi, I'm Kate. I'm thirty, and I am starting my low carb, ketogenic weight loss journey at 231.5 pounds. I have high blood pressure and I'm prediabetic. My goal is to lose 80 pounds and resolve my hea…More

Laid back approach to a low carb diet

I have done quite a bit of research into low carbohydrate food and recipes and I want to share this information with others. Primarily, however, the purpose of this blog is to encourage my daughter t…More

Low Carb Paleo Newbie

After I graduated from school as a non traditional student three years ago (44 years old), I created a four year plan. That Plan included three essential components. First I had to find a good job. S…More

What's John Eating?

I started this blog at the request of my Facebook friends, after I started posting pictures of my low carb food journal daily of Facebook. People seemed to enjoy the pictures but the only way to see …More

All Day I Dream About Food

I started this blog just prior to being diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I was already blogging about healthier alternatives, but since then I have focused primarily on low carb. I did not want to let di…More

Low carb blogs

The purpose of the blog is to collect some of the most popular English speaking low carb blogs all in one place, so people can easily discover them and read updates from them. The main theme of any b…More

WearingPolkaDots's Blog

I love to eat, cook and experiment and the blog captures some of my low carb foodie adventures.A while ago I lost about 66lbs through low carbing. 2 years later I still eat a mainly low carb diet. I …More

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