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Reader Submissions: Low-Carb Blogs and Web sites


Updated December 12, 2011

There's no doubt about it: changing our way of eating is a challenge which is best shared! Here are others who are living a low-carb life and want to tell us about it! Do you have a low-carb oriented blog or Web site? It could be a food and cooking blog, an informative blog, or one where you share your low-carb journey with others. Here's a great chance to let others know about it. (Note: If your blog is less than four months old, please submit later. I am finding that many people are enthusiastic about their blogs when they are new, but it turns out to be a short-lived hobby.)

Share Your Blog

The Low Carb Review

I am a recipe junkie! There are so many recipes out there and not many people are actually making them, just pinning them and posting them. I decided I would make them and share my experience and any…More

Pauline and Eufemia

To share our knowledge about a low carbohydrate and healthy living. We are two Swedish sisters eating a Lchf/Paleo diet while working as professional poker players. We believe that what you put in yo…More

Low Carb Diet Support

I started the blog in mid-August 2012 to share my experience of low-carb dieting with other low-carbers. I believe that diet alone is not enough to make lasting changes, so I also cover exercise and …More

Low Carb Support

Started in August 2012, with the purpose of helping beginner and experienced low-carb dieters learn new tips and tricks, and provide motivation. In addition to purely diet issues, I also cover exerci…More

Lean Ape

To show that anyone can get fit, lean and healthy without feeling they are sacrificing anything.I'm a naturally greedy and exercise phobic kind of girl. So if I can make the LeanApe approach to diet …More

Fluffy Chix Cook

Fluffy To Fit One Meal At A Time!Fluffy Chix Cook relates the story of a Fluffy Chix with several serious metabolic disorders - the most recent, a Stage IIIC Breast Cancer diagnosis.The blog follows …More

Changing My Life with Bariatric Surgery

I started my blog to document my weight loss journey. My journey began on June 7, 2010, but I started my blog in January 2011. I wanted to tell people the truth about bariatric surgery and low carb e…More

Traveling Low Carb

I started Traveling Low Carb a couple of months after starting the Low Carb Diet. I had lost almost 20 pounds by then, and was on a series of three trips in a row. On the 3rd of those trips, to Okalo…More

Buttoni's Low Carb Recipes

My goal in setting up this blog was to offer Atkins versions of a wide variety of recipes for Snacks & Appetizers, Salads, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts, Breakfast foods, Breads and even Spices …More

Grass Fed Girl

I want to help and connect with people who are living a low carb and paleo lifestyle. I want to educate people about eating real food so they can have longevity and peace of mind about food. I also w…More

Söt utan socker (Sweet without sugar)

I started my blog in May 2011, but I've been eating according to lchf since September 2010 and I also started to exercise at the same time. I have never regretted that I changed my diet to lchf becau…More

Low GI Jill

I started my blog in September 2010, hopefully to give some hope to anyone who is stuck in a rut of yo-yo dieting and/or binging/starving. I talk about my persona low carb journey and the first few w…More

Get Fit Katie, one woman's low carb journey from fat to fit!

Hi, I'm Kate. I'm thirty, and I am starting my low carb, ketogenic weight loss journey at 231.5 pounds. I have high blood pressure and I'm prediabetic. My goal is to lose 80 pounds and resolve my hea…More

Laid back approach to a low carb diet

I have done quite a bit of research into low carbohydrate food and recipes and I want to share this information with others. Primarily, however, the purpose of this blog is to encourage my daughter t…More

Low Carb Paleo Newbie

After I graduated from school as a non traditional student three years ago (44 years old), I created a four year plan. That Plan included three essential components. First I had to find a good job. S…More

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