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Laura Dolson's Low Carb Food Pyramid

An Illustrated Guide to Low Carb Eating


Updated August 04, 2014

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There is no one way of eating that is best for everyone. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recognizes this by attempting to tailor guidelines to the individual.

Those guidelines, however, have too much carbohydrate for people who's bodies have difficulty processing sugar (all carbohydrate breaks down into sugar in the body). Many of these people are insulin resistant, diabetic, or somewhere along what I call the "road to diabetes."

The pyramid presented here is not meant to give precise advice to anyone, but merely to be an illustrated eating guide for those whose bodies do better with less carbohydrate. It's meant to be a rough guideline as to the amounts of the different foods by volume, rather than by percent of calories.

For information on each part of the pyramid, click on the thumbnails below.

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Laura Dolson's Low-Carb Food Pyramidlow carb vegetablesVegetablesProtein FoodsProteinlow carb fruitFruit
healthy fats FatsmilkDairy Foodsblack beansLegumes Brown RiceWhole Grains
special cakeTreats
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