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What Foods To Eat on a Low-Carb Diet

Low-Carb Foods - lists, menus, carb counters, articles about low-carb nutrition, and lots of helpful links.
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Low-Carb Grocery Shopping List
List of low-carb foods to buy at the grocery store.

Lower Carb Substitutes for Higher Carb Food
Ideas for lower carb substitutes for high carb foods such as breads, pasta, candy, etc.

Low Carb Snacks - Easy Ways to Satisfy the Munchies
A variety of easy to prepare low carb snacks.

Low Carb Fruit List
Fruits on low carb diets - information on which ones are best.

Low Carb Vegetable List
Lists of acceptable vegetables on low carb diets, as well as ones to avoid.

A Low Carb Food Pyramid
Illustration of a low carb food pyramid, with advice on how to decide how much of which foods to eat for a nutritionally complete low carb diet.

Low Carb Meats, Seafood, Eggs
What to eat and what not to eat on a low carb diet regarding protein foods.

5 Healthy Low-Carb High-Fat Foods
5 healthy high-fat low-carb foods.

Glycemic Index Food List
Lists of foods with their glycemic index values, including ranges, with information about interpreting glycemic index numbers.

Carbohydrate Counts of Milk, Cream, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk
Amount of carbohydrate in liquid dairy products and alternatives such as soy milk.

Alcoholic Beverages on a Low Carb Diet
Carbohydrate counts of various alcoholic beverages - wine, beer, spirits, and liqueurs.

Stocking Your Low Carb Pantry - Food to Have on Hand
Foods to have on hand for low carb eating, cooking and baking.

Eating Yogurt on a Low Carb Diet
How to count the carbs in yogurt - there's probably more to it than you think.

Carbohydrate Counts of Root Vegetables
Carbohydrate counts of root vegetables - potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, turnips, beets, rutabagas, celery root (celariac), carrots, and parsnips.

List of High Protein Foods and Amount of Protein in Each
List of various high protein foods - meats, eggs, dairy, seeds, nuts, legumes, and the amount of protein in each food.

How to Cut Down on Sugar
Tips for cutting down on sugar in your diet.

Hey, How Many Carbs in this Latte?
How many carbs are in that latte grande? You'd better find out before you drink another one!

6 Foods that Have More Carb Than You Think
These low-carb foods tend to trip people up because they either have more carb than people think, or people tend to eat more than they should of them.

Low-Carb Snacks at Convenience Stores
Low-carb options at convenience stores.

Top Ten Ready-Made Low-Carb Foods at the Grocery Store
When you don't feel like cooking, you can put together a low-carb meal at the supermarket from ready-to-eat foods.

South Beach Diet Food Lists
Lists of foods that are allowed and not allowed on the South Beach Diet.

Soy Milk on a Low Carb Diet
A reader who loves soy milk asks about fitting it into a low carb eating plan.

Paleolithic Diet Food List
A description of foods allowed on the Paleo or Paleolithic diet, including differences between authors. The diet is also called the Cave Man Diet, Hunter-Gatherer diet, Stone Age diet, Neanderthin and others.

How to Find Healthy, Lower-Carb Bread
How to find bread that is healthy, lower in carbs, and less glycemic.

Stop Drinking Sugar-Sweetened Soda
Why cutting out sugar-sweetened drinks can be the best diet change you can make, and how to do it.

Sonoma Diet Food Lists - Food for the Sonoma Diet

Food Lists for the Sugar Busters Diet

Low-Carb Emergency Food
Storms, earthquakes, natural disasters and illness are all great reasons to have low-carb emergency food on hand.

Food Lists for Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Diet

Packaged Foods in the Low Carb Pantry
What packaged foods to keep, toss, or buy for your low carb pantry.

How Much of Which Foods?
A quick guide to approximately what to eat for a balanced, healthy low carb diet.

Canned Goods in the Low Carb Pantry
What canned goods to keep, toss, or buy for your low carb pantry.

Favorite Low-Carb Vegetables - Readers Share
Low-carb dieters share their favorite low-carb vegetable ideas.

What condiments to keep, toss, or buy for your low carb pantry.
What condiments to keep, toss, or buy for your low carb pantry.

South Beach Diet Food Lists: Meat
Meats, poulty, seafood, etc, acceptable on the South Beach diet. Includes a long list of beef cuts.

The Low Carb Refrigerator and Freezer
What perishable foods to keep, toss, or buy for your low carb pantry.

Are "Craisins" (Dried Cranberries) a good diet food?
A reader asks about whether eating dried cranberries will help her lose weight.

Sugar Alcohols and Net Carbs
David Mendosa presents this detailed analysis of the "net carbs" concept and discusses some of the "special" ingredients such as sugar alcohols and how they affect our bodies. Of special interest is the bright yellow chart about half way down the page.

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