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South Beach Diet: Phase One


Updated June 13, 2014

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Phase One is the most restrictive phase of the South Beach Diet. The dieter is introduced to foods which are low in saturated fats – these foods are to be emphasized and foods high in saturated fats avoided throughout the diet (i.e. forever). Additionally, sources of carbohydrate are severely restricted – no fruit or grains are allowed, or most dairy products.

What You Eat:

Lean protein sources (eggs and egg whites, seafood, remove skin from poultry, lean cuts of beef and pork, soy foods), fat free and low fat dairy products (limit milk/yogurt to 2 cups per day), one serving beans, low starch vegetables, small amount of nuts (you have to count them), “good fats” (not saturated), some low carb condiments and beverages. Nothing else, including fruits and alcohol. Phase One Food Lists

Length of Phase:

Two weeks


Phase One goals are:
1) To promote fast weight loss
2) To do away with carb cravings.
3) To change the body so that it can tolerate carbs better.


Here are sample menus for the three phases of the diet. How to Plan Your Phase One Meals

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