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Top Low Carb Stories of 2006


Updated March 18, 2010

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Low Carb Diets Do Not Raise Heart Attack Risk
Top Low Carb Stories of 2006

For a long time, there was an assumption that low carb diets must contribute to heart disease. The short term studies all showed an improvement in many risk factors for heart disease, but of course, it takes time to get information about longer term effects. Well, mo longer can nutritionists use the excuse "but we don't have the long term data". A study of over 80,000 women for 18 years (New England Journal of Medicine, November 2006) showed that low carb eaters do not have a higher risk of heart attack, even when they eat more animal protein and animal fat. In fact, the data showed that women eating a diet with a low glycemic load halved their risk of heart disease. More: Low Carb Diets Do Not Raise the Risk of Heart Attack

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