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Gourmet Wafer Crisps by Kitchen Table Bakers

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Updated May 11, 2009

Parmesan Crisps

Gourmet Wafer Crisps

Photo Courtesy of Kitchen Table Bakers

The Bottom Line

Developed by a low-carber who wanted more party options, these crackers made of cheese are crisp, tasty, and strong enough to use with dips and spreads.


  • Low-Carb and sugar-free
  • All-naatural ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • Crisp and crunchy snack
  • Tasty


  • Expensive for a cracker (but not so much when you consider they are cheese)
  • May have to mail order
  • Flavors can be variable (see review for details)


  • Made of aged Parmesan cheese with all-natural ingredients
  • Come in eight flavors: plain, garlic, Italian herb, jalapeno, flax seed, sesame, rosemary, and "everything."
  • A three-cracker serving has less than one gram of carbohydrate.
  • One serving (three crackers) has 7 grams of protein, 6 grams of fat, and 80 calories.
  • Each package has approximately 6 servings
  • Unopened packages will keep for one year from the time they are made.

Guide Review - Gourmet Wafer Crisps by Kitchen Table Bakers

When we hear the phrase "cheese crackers," we usually think "crackers with cheese in them." In this case, though, the crackers ARE cheese! Gourmet Wafer Crisps by Kitchen Table Bakers are made of aged Parmesan cheese, plus salt and flavorings such as herbs, seeds, and garlic. That is all! As many of us on low-carb diets sometimes get a hankering for something crispy, such as chips or crackers, I wondered if these would fill the bill. I'm happy to say that they do.

First of all, they pass the dip/spread test. They are strong enough to support dipping into guacamole, spinach dip, etc., or as the base for canapes. Ham spread tastes great on them!

The flavors are quite good, though I think it's good to bear in mind that since they are made from a whole food they are going to be somewhat variable in flavor -- after all, a cheese is going to reflect the varying conditions of the milk, etc. My favorite flavors are the Italian herb and the jalapeno. I must admit that to my taste, the garlic was a little bitter, both on the garlic and the "everything" crackers.

The price is going to seem high to most of us, I'm afraid. I found prices everywhere from $4.99 (Netrition) to $6.99. I do try to remember that when I make crackers from cheese myself, it costs a fair amount more than making them with flour.

Gourmet Wafer Crisps are available in various stores in the U.S. as well as online. List of where to find them on the Kitchen Table Bakers Web site They also have come out with "minicrisps" which will be more widely available soon.
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