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TVP - Textured or Texturized Vegetable Protein


Updated May 04, 2008

Definition: Product made primarily from soy flour. It is purchased dry, either in granules (which is most common) or chunks, and generally rehydrated during cooking. The flavor is neutral, so it absorbs the flavors of the other foods it is cooked with. It is often used as a meat substitute, as it is high in protein. It also contains a fair amount of fiber, and is low in fat and carbohydrates. In low-carb cooking, it can be used to substitute for rice or other high-carb food in casseroles and other recipes. TVP can be found mainly in health food stores. NOTE: Those sensitive to soy should not eat TVP.

Also Known As: TSP (textured or texturized soy protein)
Try substituting TVP granules for rice in a chicken rice casserole. Or try this TVP Oatmeal - with a texture similar to the real thing!

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