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Which Foods are High In Carbohydrates?


Updated May 30, 2014

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Question: Which Foods are High In Carbohydrates?
Which food are the highest in carbohydrates? Which foods should I avoid on a low-carb diet?
Answer: Carbohydrates fall roughly into two categories: sugars and starches. Foods high in carbohydrate include the following foods

High-Sugar Foods

  • Sugary beverages, which includes everything from soft drinks to flavored coffee drinks to bottled iced tea. Stop Drinking Sugary Beverages
  • Desserts, candy, and other foods sweet foods.
  • Food with added sugar, molasses, honey, and any of these ingredients. Check labels, as sugars are added to many foods.
  • Fruits that are naturally high in sugar, such as ripe bananas and figs, or dried fruit, which often has sugar added or is so concentrated that it contains a lot of sugar. Fruit List, from low to high sugar
  • How to Cut Down on Sugar

High-Starch Foods

Starch is basically long strands of glucose, so they break down to sugars in the body. High-starch foods include:
  • Starchy vegetables: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn are examples of high carb, starchy vegetables. Vegetable List
  • Flour - Any food made with flour (bread, crackers, donuts, cakes, cookies, pastries, etc.)
  • Whole Grains - Rice, barley, oats, quinoa, etc, are high in starch
  • Most legumes (beans and peas) are high in starch, but it is more slowly-digested, especially if the beans aren't canned or pureed.
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