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Low-Carb Guide to Chain Restaurants A-D

Low-carb options and nutritional information for chain restaurants from A&W to Dennys..

PDF of the Nutrition Facts for A&W. Not a whole lot of low-carb to choose from, but you could get the sandwiches without the bread in an emergency.

Lisa Shea of Bella Online has a review with low-carb suggestions.

Arby's offers very complete information, including how where the carbs come from so you can customize your order (e.g. order a sandwich without the bread). You have to click around a bit, but it's all there.

Bob Evans
Nutritional info for menu items at Bob Evans.

Boston Market
There are quite a few decent low-carb choices at Boston Market.

Burger King
Eating low-carb at BK.

Carl's Jr.
Carl's Jr. review - what to eat at Carl's Jr. on a low-carb diet.

Carb grams listed, including for their sauces.

There are quite a few low carb choices on the Chili's menu. These Guiltless Gourmet items are some of them. Menus vary somewhat by location.

Church's Chicken
PDF of the nutritional info on Church's food.

Cracker Barrel
Very nice low-carb menu with grams listed. Elsewhere on the site are breakfast items as well.

Dairy Queen
This nutrition calculator can be used to figure out the numbers on customized menu items, e.g. burgers without the bun.

Del Taco
Nutritional Facts from Del Taco - click on individual product, or get the complete PDF (click on + sign to enlarge).

Nutritional Info for Denny's standard menu.

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