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Carbs in Green Beans

Carbohydrate and Nutritional Information and Low-Carb Recipes for Green Beans


Updated April 09, 2014

Green Beans

Green Beans

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Green beans, string beans, snap beans -- they are all the same thing, and they have a lot to offer us in the way of nutrition for a very low amount of carbohydrate. (Yellow string beans aren't quite as nutritious as the green type.)

Carbohydrate and Fiber Counts for Raw Green Beans

  • ½ cup green beans (or about 10 4" beans): 2 grams effective (net) carbohydrate plus 2 grams fiber and 17 calories
  • ¼ lb (4 oz) green beans: 4 grams effective (net) carbohydrate plus 2 grams fiber and 35 calories

Glycemic Index for Green Beans

As with most non-starchy vegetables, there is no scientific study of the glycemic index of green beans.

More Information about the Glycemic Index

Estimated Glycemic Load of Green Beans

  • ½ cup green beans (or about 10 4" beans): 1
  • ¼ lb (4 oz) green beans: 3

More Information About the Glycemic Load

Health Benefits of Green Beans

Green beans are a very good source of fiber. They are an excellent source of Vitamin C, a very good source of Vitamin K and Vitamin A and a good source of folate and manganese. They also contain fair amounts of many other nutrients including potassium, iron, beta-carotene, lutein and B vitamins.

Low-Carb Recipes with Green Beans

More Information About Green Beans at Calorie Count.

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