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Body Fat Calculator
How to Find Your Body Fat Percentage

The following body fat calculator uses the U.S. Navy Circumference Method, a formula that takes into account several body measurements to estimate the percentage of your body that is made up of fat. In addition to fat, our body is also made up of a few different kinds of tissues and water, as well as bone and organs. Many thanks to Stephen Chapman, About's Guide to Javascript.

The measurements need to be accurate to within 0.5cm or 0. 25 inches (centimeters tends to produce the most accurate results) and should be taken as follows:

  • Height: taken without shoes
  • Neck: taken below the larynx sloping slightly downward at the front
  • Waist: for men at navel height, for women at the smallest point
  • Hips: (women only) at the largest point

After figuring your body fat percentage, go to these charts to find out your category.

Remember, this calculator provides just an estimate of your body fat percentage. It can be quite accurate (it is used by the military, after all) but, like all other tests, the accuracy of the results depends on the accuracy of the measurements. For best results, as mentioned, use centimeters and make sure to measure accurately. Pro tip: measure yourself several times (at least 3) and take the average of the numbers for each measurement.

Since this method is so cheap (all you need is a tape measure!) it's one of the best for tracking fat loss on your weight loss journey. In addition to this method, the skin-fold caliper test, better known as the "pinch test" is often used. It's quite simple, but really should be done by someone who is well trained in the method. Gyms often offer this test for a low cost.

In addition to this calculator and the skin-fold caliper test, several more options are available, including DEXA scans and hydrostatic weighing.

Body Fat Calculator

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Note: Body Fat Percentage is not the same thing has BMI (Body Mass Index). There is an online BMI calculator here.

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