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Readers Respond: Favorite Things About Low-Carb Eating

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Updated June 14, 2010

When people think about following a low-carb diet, they often jump to the foods they would miss. Here's your chance to let them know about the great things of low-carb eating! What do you like best about it?

love this diet

I am back on this diet I always loved it. I lost 50 pounds on it last year. but I am still trying to lose 50 more.
—Guest LEE ANN

A miracle!

Guys, I'm now 2 months into this low carb way of eating and in allllll honesty, it is incredible. My body feels like this is how it is suppose to function and how its been for millions of years in human evolution. I feel light, energetic, I don't crave (considering I was a sugarholic) and I lost 7 kilos.
—Guest Alex from Turkey


I lost 62 lbs in 6 months. Can now cross my legs, tie my shoes, put on my own nail polish...need I say more? This is definitely the way to go. I tell people I eat full fat cheeses, mayo, bleu cheese and ranch dressing and they don't believe me. Being Italian, giving up pasta was hard...for a day or 2. Never was a big bread eater, so that wasn't too hard. Candy? Oh that was my downfall. Licorice.....skittles....yep, my Waterloo. But with the lc lifestyle, no more cravings. Yippee!!
—Guest Echo

Low carb fan

Lost 52 pounds when I went low carb and feel 10 times better than I ever have...acid reflux, sleep apnea and loud snoring gone, face clear, no cravings.. Energy like never before. Its miraculous
—Guest David Abraham

brilliant beginnings

I've only been eating low carb for four days but what impressed me most is that I have had NO sugar cravings. I expected to desperately miss bread - but have discovered I don't. Not a bit! I wish I had known about this twenty years ago!
—Guest Cat

Amazingly Easy

I started lc in early January and lost 13lbs. in 3 weeks with little effort. I unfortunately then had surgery and was at the mercy of others for my meals and have regained 3.5 lbs, but I am now back to my routine and will be losing again in no time. This is an easy lifestyle change with no cravings and no hunger. Lots of variety to meal planning
—Guest Mary Beth

no sagging

I went on Atkins a few years ago and lost 30 pounds. The great thing was that I lost the weight without my skin becoming saggy. Also, I didn't lose in places where I didn't need to lose. You girls know what I mean. My energy increased and I felt wonderful!
—Guest violet

the only real hope for obesity

the "portion control" or "small changes work" or "eat this not that" are defeatist methods perhaps designed for the very thin wanting to follow something.Extreme Low carb is for those wanting permanent life long weight loss and maintenance,SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT!!

No gnawing hunger anymore!!

LOVE low carb eating !!!Fills you up when YOU DO EAT,and,no more hunger pangs to deal with!Went to Applebees today w/hubby & friends,and,substituted a side of zuccini and mushrooms for the baked potato,along with the normal side of broccoli offered with the 7oz. steak and was quite contented!!

Great Food,No Pain!

Love all the good filling food that I can eat and not like any 'diet' I've ever done before! Easy to eat out,also!!Love it!!!!
—Guest LindaLoCarb

So Encouraging and Helpful

The many positive responses to lo carb eating really helps ME to stay with my 'game plan'! I'm 65 and have lost 40 lbs. in a matter of four months! More to go, but with encouragement like this, I know I CAN do it!!!!Thanks!!!!

today I start again !

About 14 years ago , I was morbidly obese , depressed and miserable. My doctor at that time put me on Redux. A few days later I picked up a copy of the Atkins book. I started "doing atkins" and the first 6 weeks lost 22 pounds . My doc of course said it was the Redux . I told her about starting Atkins and she tried to persuade me not to eat that way . I went home and flushed the Redux down the toilet and continued eating LC. About 14 months later , I was down 116 pounds. I was going to the doc every 3 months for bloodwork . All my numbers came down . My weight , blood pressure , and cholesterol ! My doc was speechless. Unfortunately I divorced , remarried and gained it all back plus 40 pounds. I am now ready , today , to start again and for good ! I am at 356 (23 pounds short of my top weight) and ready to change my life . I am divorced now almost 7 years and need this change very much . Reading these posts here today did the trick ! Thank you all for your comments and posts ...

Love the low carb lifestyle

I started my lc journey in July 2011, and in less than 5 months, I've lost 52 pounds! I still have more to lose before I will be satisfied, but what an awesome start! My husband is going to join me after the holidays, and I can't wait. I've been showing him by example that it does work!
—Guest K. Merritt

The only way to go

I have only been low carbing for nearly three months now - but have lost 22 lbs. so far with very little effort. More energy, zero carb cravings, no more awful acid reflux that used to keep me up half the night. If only more people would try it, they would see what we are all talking about!

Where do I Begin?

—Guest Carole Pefley

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