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Readers Respond: Favorite Things About Low-Carb Eating

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Updated June 14, 2010

When people think about following a low-carb diet, they often jump to the foods they would miss. Here's your chance to let them know about the great things of low-carb eating! What do you like best about it? Share Your Positives

love this diet

I am back on this diet I always loved it. I lost 50 pounds on it last year. but I am still trying to lose 50 more.
—Guest LEE ANN

A miracle!

Guys, I'm now 2 months into this low carb way of eating and in allllll honesty, it is incredible. My body feels like this is how it is suppose to function and how its been for millions of years in human evolution. I feel light, energetic, I don't crave (considering I was a sugarholic) and I lost 7 kilos.
—Guest Alex from Turkey


I lost 62 lbs in 6 months. Can now cross my legs, tie my shoes, put on my own nail polish...need I say more? This is definitely the way to go. I tell people I eat full fat cheeses, mayo, bleu cheese and ranch dressing and they don't believe me. Being Italian, giving up pasta was hard...for a day or 2. Never was a big bread eater, so that wasn't too hard. Candy? Oh that was my downfall. Licorice.....skittles....yep, my Waterloo. But with the lc lifestyle, no more cravings. Yippee!!
—Guest Echo

So far, so good

I have been low carb for about 2 mos. First week was a kicker but got easier. Amazing how little I eat and feel full now, One benefit I found was less water retention. My feet used to swell at night but now they are bony as ever! I have lost 20 lbs in 2 mos. The only health problem I have is joint pain but that is from my weight gain. I have no cholesterol issues or sugar woes. Just the weight. I have a ways to go and I am getting smarter everyday about the choices I have and love all the new recipes that are very family friendly too. My advice to anyone is hang in there that first couple of weeks...you will be rewarded.

just started

I have been on the low carb high fat diet from the diet doctor. I have been on it now for 3 days and the reason I started is because my son who is 28 was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and has begun the same diet in hopes of getting rid of the diabetes, and acid reflux and high blood pressure along with weight loss. I have come to the conclusion that this country (America) is in the grips of a terrible epidemic of obesity and all the problems that go along with it. I intend to give this diet and honest effort and I am sincerely hoping it works . my goal is to loose 80 pounds but so far im no longer hungry between meals and haven't wanted to grab a bag of chips or candy... so maybe I can do this one.... thanks for this blog it helps
—Guest terry v.

Give Low-Carbing a Chance

Give this WOE (way of eating) a try and maybe you'll see a lighter shape on your body and a lighter shade in your life!
—Guest john

Back to front

When I was first diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome (NAFLS), everyone assumed I drink - I don't! But my mum was a diabetic and I had packed on middle-age abdominal weight. NAFLS is common. It's part of "metabolic syndrome". I first got this back to front - FATTY liver, so I imagined eating fat was the culprit. No, its too many CARBS that cause it. I now have my facts straight and am following 'low carb'. I feel more alert, my reflux is reducing and I have arranged blood work in 6 months so hope to find big metabolic improvements plus a slimmer body I can enjoy living in again. The facts are now clear, so it's exercise and new eating habits to get back to a sensible weight. If you have metabolic syndrome or have raised liver enzymes without alcohol causation, get a medical check. I'm overweight, but the good news is they tell me by losing weight I'll get my liver functioning properly again.

17 Months and still going strong

I started back on Atkins after having some heart issues..I have lost 75 pounds and am now 15 pounds from my goal weight. No cravings, no bingeing, no excessskin to lose as my body shrunk along wih my weight..lowest weight for the past ten years and i am loving myself again!!
—Guest Michele Marie

It really works!!!

I've been on this low carb diet since a week ago, I've lost 3 kgs from the first 4 days! No hunger, you just need to control food cravings, but still...no pain no gain, yet getting slimmer and healthier are the best things to achieve!!
—Guest EH

Didn't think this would actually work..

6 days ago I dramatically lowered my carb intake; I am 6 pounds lighter. I don't crave sugar AT ALL and I actually feel full in between meals. Highly recommend it!
—Guest Marissa

peanut butter!

I like a low carb because I have no cravings for things I shouldn't be eating and I can have peanut butter whenever I am hungry!
—Guest vallvonn


I'm again starting but yes it's fabulous. You start feeling the change right away the anxiousness goes away.
—Guest Olga


Bacon! and 50 lbs lighter for the last 15 years ... yeah, that long.
—Guest Maggie

Taking care of myself

When I remind myself that this is not hardship, to be in good health, feeling well and energetic, looking pretty good... it makes it easier to "hang in there."
—Guest primalgranny

Less is more!

Less carbs means: less cravings, less hunger, not needing to eat so often anymore, more stable energy levels, getting to eat tasty high fat foods without guilt!
—Guest Tara

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Favorite Things About Low-Carb Eating

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