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Readers Respond: Favorite Things About Low-Carb Eating

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Updated June 14, 2010

When people think about following a low-carb diet, they often jump to the foods they would miss. Here's your chance to let them know about the great things of low-carb eating! What do you like best about it? Share Your Positives

Give Low-Carbing a Chance

Give this WOE (way of eating) a try and maybe you'll see a lighter shape on your body and a lighter shade in your life!
—Guest john

Back to front

When I was first diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome (NAFLS), everyone assumed I drink - I don't! But my mum was a diabetic and I had packed on middle-age abdominal weight. NAFLS is common. It's part of "metabolic syndrome". I first got this back to front - FATTY liver, so I imagined eating fat was the culprit. No, its too many CARBS that cause it. I now have my facts straight and am following 'low carb'. I feel more alert, my reflux is reducing and I have arranged blood work in 6 months so hope to find big metabolic improvements plus a slimmer body I can enjoy living in again. The facts are now clear, so it's exercise and new eating habits to get back to a sensible weight. If you have metabolic syndrome or have raised liver enzymes without alcohol causation, get a medical check. I'm overweight, but the good news is they tell me by losing weight I'll get my liver functioning properly again.

17 Months and still going strong

I started back on Atkins after having some heart issues..I have lost 75 pounds and am now 15 pounds from my goal weight. No cravings, no bingeing, no excessskin to lose as my body shrunk along wih my weight..lowest weight for the past ten years and i am loving myself again!!
—Guest Michele Marie

It really works!!!

I've been on this low carb diet since a week ago, I've lost 3 kgs from the first 4 days! No hunger, you just need to control food cravings, but still...no pain no gain, yet getting slimmer and healthier are the best things to achieve!!
—Guest EH

Didn't think this would actually work..

6 days ago I dramatically lowered my carb intake; I am 6 pounds lighter. I don't crave sugar AT ALL and I actually feel full in between meals. Highly recommend it!
—Guest Marissa

peanut butter!

I like a low carb because I have no cravings for things I shouldn't be eating and I can have peanut butter whenever I am hungry!
—Guest vallvonn


I'm again starting but yes it's fabulous. You start feeling the change right away the anxiousness goes away.
—Guest Olga


Bacon! and 50 lbs lighter for the last 15 years ... yeah, that long.
—Guest Maggie

Taking care of myself

When I remind myself that this is not hardship, to be in good health, feeling well and energetic, looking pretty good... it makes it easier to "hang in there."
—Guest primalgranny

Less is more!

Less carbs means: less cravings, less hunger, not needing to eat so often anymore, more stable energy levels, getting to eat tasty high fat foods without guilt!
—Guest Tara

it works!

i first did a low carb diet back in 2003, and lost 45 lbs in 3 months. i have done other diets but they have never worked the same, and now that i have been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, this diet is even easier! acid reflux, heartburn, headaches, nausea, sluggish feelings are all gone now that i have eliminated carbs/breads/wheats. i am never hungry and i have lost 3 lbs in my first week back!
—Guest Guest ShelleyPotter

Miraculous Contentment

I started Protein Power in October 2012 and lost 20 pounds in the first two months. Then the holidays came and going on holiday and while I didn't lose, I didn't gain. Since then, my weight loss has slowed and I've only lost another 10 pounds with another 20 to go. But I am really, really happy with my food choices now. I eat loads of vegetables, lots of flax, almond milk, and love Laura Dolson's recipes. And since I'm a home cook not only do I like cooking and baking using her recipes but love tweaking my old carbed recipes so that they are really low carb now. I'm really amazed at how contented I am with this diet. It actually doesn't feel at all like a diet, just a change in eating habits and one that I believe will stick for the rest of my life. I just went for blood tests yesterday because months ago my doctor was really concerned about my cholesterol levels and I'm curious to see how they are now. But the best part? Her reaction to my weight loss! She's proud of me and so am I.
—Guest JB

Struggling, but determinded to continue.

I struggle to get past the first couple of weeks on the low-carb plan, yet when I do stick to it I am never hungry and feel really well and in control of my weight. I come back to this life-style choice over and over again knowing deep in my heart that this is the way to eat to become healthier and slimmer. I am starting again today and know that nothing is going to stop me from now on. I've had enough of sugar controlling my life and I can't think of anything more positive than that. Thanks to everyone and I mean everyone who has shared their stories, to me you are all amazing and proving the conventional guidelines wrong everyday.

Low carb

I started low carb in early Sept 2012 to motivate my husband who has survived cancer but is now obese & diabetic. The doctor told my husband he needed to lose weight and that Every Carb he ate was a nail in his coffin. I figured well let me do this with him and make it easier for him. (I too am obese weighing in at 290 it's the most I have ever weighed!). I lost 40 pounds in less 4 months and for the first time in years broke the 250lb barrier. I have been a little lackadaisical the last few weeks... eating carbs over the holidays but fortunately have not gained any weight. But I know it is time to get started again. I hope to lose 25 pounds by my bday in mid-April. This is the only way to go! It is a true lifestyle change and the occasional piece of bread or order of fried rice does not throw you off your plan. Friends at work have noticed my weight lose and are starting low carb living themselves. I only wish my husband could follow, but he cannot escape the sugar cravings.
—Guest MaryJane

Loving It

I've been low carb for over a year now. I've lost 40 lbs and, more importantly, my blood sugar has gone down to non-diabetic levels.

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Favorite Things About Low-Carb Eating

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