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Readers Respond: Favorite Low-Carb Snack Ideas

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Updated July 27, 2009

It's important to have access to nutritious, low-carb snack food so that you won’t reach for crackers and chips or the like if you get hungry between meals. What do you like to eat when the "hungries" hit?

Sweet frozen strawberry whip

I got this idea from one of my grandmas recipe and it satisfies all my summer cravings- sweet, frozen & fruity! :) Whip 1 jumbo egg white until foamy. Slowly add 1 cup of Splenda or truvia. Add 2 cups of puréed strawberries. Beat on High for half an hour- kitchen aid mixer helps! Just watch it doesn't over flow since it really expands! Freeze and enjoy !
—Guest Robyn

Snackwells Edamame

The Snackwell brand has a really good dry roasted edamame pouch. It has a decent size portion of them in the bag and their seasoned with a little bit of salt. I believe there is only 7 carbs, but 5 in fiber so only 2 useable carbs per package. They're really good for a salty crunchy craving.
—Guest Karlee

Low carb snack

Drip chocolate flavored stevia over frozen strawberries and enjoy!....yummmmOH!
—Guest Denise

Low carb snacks

I love cucumber so cut some into sticks and dunked them into some low fat cream cheese with a hint of chive, was quite nice.
—Guest Helen


Kroger has CARBmaster Yogurt with only 4 grams of Carbs. Put half a handful of rasberries or blueberries and mix it up. GREAT!
—Guest Vonnie

Not-chips and salsa

Boy do I crave chips and salsa sometimes. Sliced bell peppers are perfect for scooping up salsa. Great crunch! Sometimes if I want less salt, I mix salsa 50/50 with full fat plain yogurt.
—Guest Hilderbeard

Zucchini chips!

My wife and I slice up a zucchini and lay them out in a baking dish. Splash on some olive oil and salt and pepper, then sprinkle on as much parmesan cheese as you like. Bake for 1/2 hour or so.
—Guest GJS

Low Carb

Avacado with Pork Rinds :D Just cut the avacado in half add a pinch of salt, if desired smash it up and use pork rids to scoop.
—Guest Nani 101


2 pieces of Romaine lettuce in place of bread, mayo, mustard, cheese and lunch meat....ummm good low carb sandwich can also add slice of cooked bacon.
—Guest Annie

Pepperoni Cups

Use large pepperonis, place in cupcake tin, add cheese, sauce, pepperoni and any other pizza toppings, then bake for 10-15 minutes at 350. If you use the large pepperoni, they will fill the cupcake tin like cupcake wrappers and hold all the toppings. Excellent!
—Guest Mona

Easy Taco Salads

I make taco salads and use pork rinds in place of tortilla chips. Also, make soft tacos using low-carb tortillas.
—Guest Mona

Easy Cheesy Quesadillas

I take a low-carb tortilla and place it in a skillet with shredded cheese, pre-cooked chicken or steak (available in precooked, precut strips in the refrigerated dept. of your local grocers) I cook on low with a lid to hold in heat and melt cheese, then fold over. You can add sour cream if desired. Excellent, filling and very low carbs. You can also sautee onions and bell peppers and add to the quesadilla for a fajita taste.
—Guest Mona

Low Carb Breyers Icecream

I have recently discovered Breyers low carb vanilla icecream. I'm telling you people it is creamy, sweet and I like it better than regular vanilla icecream!!! (only 4 carbs per serving)
—Guest Tiffany


2 oz of light cream cheese, put in microwav until softened enough to mix around easily add 1 tsp of sour cream, and as much or as little Splenda (or any other artificial sweetener) as you like! You can eat how it is or put it in containers into the fridge like i do!I make this and put them in little tupper wear containers then another bigger container with chopped up strawberries and blue berries and mix it together at work. Delicious and tastes a lot better than you would expect!
—Guest ilovelowcarb!


I like Pickles, but if you don't like them have some marinated mushrooms, another low carb favorite
—Guest Steve in MD
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