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Readers Respond: Bad Comments and Good Comebacks on Your Low-Carb Diet

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Updated February 17, 2013

Are there people in your life who make snarky or insensitive comments about your diet or lifestyle? Share them here, along with some good responses. Share Comments

Good advice

I am getting very good at simply saying "No thank you. I'm alright for now." It took two weeks of there being cake in the office everyday before anyone realised I hadn't touched any. One person was even impressed that I didn't dither or hesitate when I turned down the cake just a straight "No thanks!" :)

Thanks for watching my weight

When someone comments on my weight loss - I just say 'thanks for watching my weight for me.' I'm not paying attention to it.
—Guest bamboo

"Thank you..."

I say, "Thank you," no matter how rude the comment. This throws a lot of folks, and by the time they think about it, I'm on another subject.
—Guest Carolyn

Doctor knows best!

I might say, "Thanks, but I trust my doctor. When you have a medical degree, you can help with my diet, until then I will listen to him."

Low carb stories

I have been low carbing off and on for years. But in Jan 2012, my body hit rock bottom. I went LC hard and full time. A year later I am down 14 pounds, (I am 70 and now weigh 126), joint pain free (WONDERFUL), and with a clear thinking brain (such as it is). My parents at 93 are still trying to tell me I am wrong (but then, Dad still tries to make me do things right handed). When I visit them, it seems that they make certain there is Nothing in their house that is low carb in any way. But now I just tell them and anybody who questions my diet that I have found I have an intolerance to grain products and cannot eat them and that sweets upsets my blood sugar. People cannot argue with that.
—Guest JoAnn

Handle with humor

I usually try to diffuse the situation with humor. My "go-to" phrase for those uneducated people who question my diet choice (which I have successfully followed for 10 years) is something like this...."No thanks, I'm allergic to carbs...It seems that everytime I eat them, I break out in FAT!!" That usually shuts them up!
—Guest Jane

Hard in Europe

Where I am at, it is very hard to explain to people that "I can't eat that." I am in Macedonia and what I call "house hoping" is the thing to do here. I walk to the store or go outside and every neighbor who sees me, wants me to come in for coffee. Once you are in, they usually put out sweets, pretzels, or even a meal. Telling them no is not much of an option as it is rude to refuse. I finally told the one cousin & his wife that wouldn't support my diet, that, "because you don't respect my diet, I won't visit your house for 3 months." They didn't think I was serious, but I haven't been there in almost 2 months now & they live next door. I did have them here for lunch one day and served all items from Atkins diet & they were amazed how good it was and filling. As for heart issues, my husband was on it for about 6 months last year and his doctor had never seen his blood work come in so great. My biggest pet peeve: I am so sick of hearing, "just a little won't hurt you."
—Guest Pleasant

yumm cake!

How about a so friend getting right next to you with a huge piece of cake smacking and moaning about how good it is and saying if you were on "xxx" diet you could have some cake and not gain weight. Completely rude!
—Guest Cynthia


I've dealt with obesity for years and have received more than my fair share of comments like these. I recently lost much of the extra weight with the help of a low-carb diet and medical supervision. I've learned to handle these situations on my own, but I really love the advice given here. Very well said!
—Guest kristin

Another One for the List

I know there's not really anything here that fits in your diet plan, but you can just have a salad.
—Guest Danielle

Bad Comments and Good Comebacks on Your

I'm 70 years old and have been on Atkins for 13 years. I have learned that just about everything in life can be an opportunity! Most people know better than to run down my Atkins diet, to me. For the few who don't it allows me the opportunity to "ram" the very latest low carb information down their throats for the next hour if need be! Preferably in front of large crowds whenever possible. You would be amazed at how well this works. Don't worry! There will always be a "new victim" to "practice" your great knowledge of the Low Carb Diet on! Good Hunting!
—Guest Michael Scott

Your life, your choice

Maybe it is not your idea of a good eating plan, but in fact I have never felt better.


When someone snidely told me, "You can't eat that!" I replied in a sweet voice, "How nice of you to be concerned about me."
—Guest Marsha

you dont have to say you are on any diet

Practice just saying No Thank You, No thank you I just ate - I am full. Most normal weight people don't talk about or annouce what their food programs - why do we? If it is a way of life, there is no reason to mention we are on a low carb diet. Then people will not have these rude questions. Plenty of thin people just say - No Thank You - to foods offered. I have even heard them say, No Thank, I do not like ____. I am practicing saying just No Thank You without any justification. Try it !
—Guest smb8710

agree absolutely!

VERY good advice! "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" is an excellent rule to follow.
—Guest tess

Great Responses!

Awesome article and great advice for those who are shy and for those who are just "dense". :) Thanks Laura!
—Guest Nik

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Bad Comments and Good Comebacks on Your Low-Carb Diet

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