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Readers Respond: Low-Carb Travel Tips

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Updated August 03, 2009

From the article: Low-Carb Travel Guide
How do you stay on your low-carb diet while traveling? What food do you take on your car trips, or on long airplane rides? How do you keep yourself in a low-carb mindset while away from home? If your tip is about eating in restaurants, please share your tip on this Low-Carb Restaurant Tip Page or, for fast food, this page for Low-Carb Fast Food Tips.

travel tips

I love going on long drives. When I do, I always bring a large freezer baggie of shredded cabbage. Quick, crunchy, tasty and filling.
—Guest Renee Champion

Atkins Shakes and other ideas

When I am visiting family and friends, I order Atkins shakes on Walmart.com and have them shipped to my friends' house. Shipping is free and they can refrigerate them for your arrival. I carry the cheese sticks on the plane to eat for quick protein.
—Guest Cathy W

Refrigeration Not Needed

Most supermarkets have a rack of meat products that are shrink wrapped, and not refrigerated. I usually buy things like summer sausage and pepperonoi "chunks" whenever I plan to fly. Then I put the food and an plastic knife and fork into my carry-on, and don't give airline "food" a second thought. I have found that as long as these items are not opened, they remian edible for years.

easy plane food

I travel alot for work and found that a Lunchable works perfectly for me. Of course, I toss the crackers and treat, but the ham (or turkey) and cheese keep me going. Thankfully alot of airport cafes and hotel breakfast bars keep h.b. eggs on hand. Some of the airport clubs have veggies and all of them have cheese. To the person with the can of tuna on the plane, please rethink that, you may not be very popular for the smell. :-) (Maybe make some tuna muffins beforehand.)
—Guest trailangel

Fill Own Water Bottles After Security

I drink a lot of water, and always fill up on airport water after I clear security, bringing my own water jugs from home. It may not taste the greatest but you don't have to drink it forever, and it is a lot cheaper!

Plane Food

I am travelling next year. Already made my plans. Will take rooibos T bags and ask for boiling water to make my own tea. Have booked a seafood platter for my main meal and will not have the 'delibox' which is nothing but carbs. will take a couple of hard boiled eggs and a ring pull can of tuna in oil and some salad in a tupperware. Will only order water on the plane and try and walk around 4 or 5 times during the 10 hour journey.

Travel Tips

I like scrambled and microwaved eggs with just a hint of 1/2 & 1/2. I find beverages to be the hardest part of traveling. I alway pack crystal light singles to add to my water and then add some protein powder. I also don't hesitate to order/buy a sandwich at the airport and just toss out the carbs. Wastefull, but occasionally necessary...
—Guest Linda

wraps galore

I have taken two burrito sized ham wraps with spinach, philly cheese and home-made apple chutney for the past three trips cross country with no problem at check in with TSA. Sometimes I even had them wrapped in aluminum foil. No questions, no problems.
—Guest jetimms

Vegetarian Meditation Retreat.

Was just on a meditation retreat. I thought there would be plenty of vegetables but there was a lot of fruit instead. I had to leave the retreat to go to the grocery store to buy some avocados, sardines, sliced turkey. When veggies were served I put aside a couple of bowls full for later meals. I ate some weird combinations ( pasta sauce on chickpeas and smoked turkey, egg, avocado and beef jerky breakfast...) But I did okay.

Food on planes

Remember the limitations on bringing liquids on board planes - you're probably going to have to buy water after you go through security.
—Guest Jeffk627


I have been on Atkins for ten years now. I trained my friend Jason as to how always be prepared with the right food. He left on a business trip from Ottawa to Toronto. About half way there the train "died"!. This was in the middle of the winter. No heat or stoves of any kind. Jason was so well prepared that he was even able to diabetics on board the train. After all this, he was still able to make it to Toronto without even thinking of breaking. Atkins would have expected no less from me. Excuses are not exceptable. Your long term existance depends on smart thinking. Being prepared is never having to say "You screwed up"!

Hot Pot!

Hot pots are great for travel. Get a half dozen eggs at the supermarket and cook them in your hot pot. On road trips, I have used our hot pot to heat up homemade soup or chili in a roadside restroom.
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