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Readers Respond: Favorite Low-Carb Fast Food

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Updated July 27, 2009

From the article: Low-Carb Fast Food
What's your favorite fast-food restaurant for getting decent low-carb food? Do you have any inside tips to help your fellow low-carbers? Is there anything beyond bunless burgers and grilled chicken salads? Perhaps we can even make a difference in the choices fast-food restaurants provide us! Share Fast Food Ideas


I run bt Kroger and buy a whole roasted chicken for $7. I buy a pack of salad mix, chop up some chicken and mix it all together at home with some sour cream. For desert it is Breyers CarbSmart Ice Cream bars. All together about 20 carbs and you are full!!! Or you can picante sauce instead of sour cream.

Low Carb Burrito

Buy low carb burrito tortillas from Walmart, Order 3 taco with everything. Transfer meat etc into tortilla and wrap your burrito.
—Guest Tollehouse


Instead of the Baja Salad with chips, etc., I always opt for a small garden salad and small chili with sour cream or Caesar dressing, no croutons or crackers. It's great as a chili salad, and you can even have cheese and onions added for a few pennies more. Love it and about 20 net carbs for the entire thing. Since 1/2 the small chili makes the salad plenty moist, its actually only about 11 net catbs!
—Guest Khandi4474

In n Out

Any burger, just ask for it protein style. It is delicious!
—Guest m m

Pollo Campero

Grilled 1/4 white meat chicken (340 cal, 0 carbs) with a side of Chilean Cucumber Salad (45 cal, 6 carbs) for me.
—Guest Mike

wing stop

Classic wings with lemon pepper, garlic parmesan, Cajun, mild, hot and Louisiana rub all 0 carbs!!!!
—Guest monique

Julie K

I usually go to Mighty Taco and get a small vegitarin taco and a chicken fajita , the white taco wraps dont seem to bother me .
—Guest Julie

El Pollo Loco low carb

I order a side salad and a chicken breast. It's filling and I don't leave feeling guilty.
—Guest Low carb chick

Mc Donalds

For breakfast I get two sides of scrambled eggs and two sides of bacon all on the same platter. Not sure if their cheese has carbs but I usually get cheese on the eggs.
—Guest Eric


Two deluxe burgers (toss the buns) & Side salad w/high fat low sugar dressing. Toss it all together, yum.
—Guest Moose

Taco Bell WIN!

I ordered 3 of the shredded chicken burritos yesterday, no tortilla, and in a bowl. Turned out to be like a warm shredded chicken salad thing...for $5 it worked for me!
—Guest Chris

Jimmy Johns

"Un-wich" sandwich is great. It's wrapped in iceberg lettuce.
—Guest Sandy

Subway salads

Subway makes great salads plus u can select plain chicken. I always get double chicken and just make my own dressing using oil, vinegar, Splenda, salt and pepper.
—Guest Denise

panera bread

They have a 'hidden menu" with wonderful salads. Ask about it next time you go in or check it out on their website.
—Guest elaine t

Just order it!

I travel a lot for work and have found that all of the fast food chains will make a bun-less burger. They do not even look at you weird when you order it. Most of them have a No-bun choice on the register keys but my favorite is Carl's Jr or Hardees Low-carb burger, with a lettuce wrap to hold the ingredients. Wonderful!
—Guest Traveler

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Favorite Low-Carb Fast Food

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