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Readers Respond: Favorite Low-Carb Fast Food

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Updated July 27, 2009

From the article: Low-Carb Fast Food
What's your favorite fast-food restaurant for getting decent low-carb food? Do you have any inside tips to help your fellow low-carbers? Is there anything beyond bunless burgers and grilled chicken salads? Perhaps we can even make a difference in the choices fast-food restaurants provide us! Share Fast Food Ideas


Instead of the Baja Salad with chips, etc., I always opt for a small garden salad and small chili with sour cream or Caesar dressing, no croutons or crackers. It's great as a chili salad, and you can even have cheese and onions added for a few pennies more. Love it and about 20 net carbs for the entire thing. Since 1/2 the small chili makes the salad plenty moist, its actually only about 11 net catbs!
—Guest Khandi4474

In n Out

Any burger, just ask for it protein style. It is delicious!
—Guest m m

Pollo Campero

Grilled 1/4 white meat chicken (340 cal, 0 carbs) with a side of Chilean Cucumber Salad (45 cal, 6 carbs) for me.
—Guest Mike

wing stop

Classic wings with lemon pepper, garlic parmesan, Cajun, mild, hot and Louisiana rub all 0 carbs!!!!
—Guest monique

Julie K

I usually go to Mighty Taco and get a small vegitarin taco and a chicken fajita , the white taco wraps dont seem to bother me .
—Guest Julie

El Pollo Loco low carb

I order a side salad and a chicken breast. It's filling and I don't leave feeling guilty.
—Guest Low carb chick

Mc Donalds

For breakfast I get two sides of scrambled eggs and two sides of bacon all on the same platter. Not sure if their cheese has carbs but I usually get cheese on the eggs.
—Guest Eric


Two deluxe burgers (toss the buns) & Side salad w/high fat low sugar dressing. Toss it all together, yum.
—Guest Moose

Taco Bell WIN!

I ordered 3 of the shredded chicken burritos yesterday, no tortilla, and in a bowl. Turned out to be like a warm shredded chicken salad thing...for $5 it worked for me!
—Guest Chris

Jimmy Johns

"Un-wich" sandwich is great. It's wrapped in iceberg lettuce.
—Guest Sandy

Subway salads

Subway makes great salads plus u can select plain chicken. I always get double chicken and just make my own dressing using oil, vinegar, Splenda, salt and pepper.
—Guest Denise

panera bread

They have a 'hidden menu" with wonderful salads. Ask about it next time you go in or check it out on their website.
—Guest elaine t

Just order it!

I travel a lot for work and have found that all of the fast food chains will make a bun-less burger. They do not even look at you weird when you order it. Most of them have a No-bun choice on the register keys but my favorite is Carl's Jr or Hardees Low-carb burger, with a lettuce wrap to hold the ingredients. Wonderful!
—Guest Traveler

Jersey Mikes

These guys will make a 'Sub in a Tub.' The meat and veggies go in a to go container. The only drawback for me is that they don't offer much in the way of veggie options.
—Guest JodyK


I bring a low carb tortilla with me (6 carbs) and buy a double cheese burger and large diet coke and chuck the bun and use the tortilla. Tastes better than the bun IMO.
—Guest Glen

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Favorite Low-Carb Fast Food

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