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Readers Respond: Favorite Sugar-Free Beverages

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Updated March 21, 2011

We all know that sugary drinks are bad for us, and that water is the best alternative. Which sugar-free beverage do you like to drink? (And if you're stumped and need inspiration, check out these sugar-free beverages ideas.)


for those of you who miss orange juice, I finally found Sunkist brand orange citrus and orange/peach water enhancers. The orange citrus tastes like the old Tang that was popular back in the day. It isn't really a substitute for soda drinks but is refreshing it you add it to club soda for a pick me up in the afternoon.
—Guest jbrggs17

fruit concentrates

Laura, I didn't see you mention 2 sugar free concentrates! We use Zatarain's Root Beer concentrate and Pappy's Concentrates, which include green tea, raspberry, sassafras, and peach tea flavors, and I then add in our favorite artificial sweetener (Stevia for me). Both can be ordered directly from factory, if you can't find them locally. About $3.00 a bottle and makes alot of beverage! I would be willing, if permitted, to post company information, if anyone would be interested.

Fruit water

One of my favorite summer drinks is to take water, add a splash of orange juice, and a tiny splash of plain seltzer. Instant "orangina" tasting drink!

My ideas

I take a regular koolaid pack (WalMart GreatValue 10cents) Lemonade. Mix it with 1.5qt water and 1 heaping TBS of Stevia. Add in a touch of vanilla, and it's a non-carbonated cream soda. Take the fruit punch koolaid, Stevia and add in a shot of sugar-free raspberry syrup. I make my own with stevia, raspberry extract and water. 0 calorie and 0 carb,
—Guest John B

Kool-Aid + flavored seltzer

I buy the unsweetened Kool-Aid packets & use my own Splenda (or store brand sucralose) to sweeten it. I keep a pitcher of the Kool-Aid in the fridge, plus 1-liter bottles of store-brand flavored seltzers (unsweetened & no sodium), and mix them in the glass with an ice cube or two. VERY refreshing when I come home from work in the summer, walking from the train station! Otherwise, I'm a tea drinker. Either regular Tetley/Red Rose, or the Bigelow brand Constant Comment or Earl Grey, or Celestial Seasonings herb tea. By the way, their "Zinger" flavors make delicious iced tea!

Fav sugar free drink

Mine is ICE it is sparkling water with added Vitamins and flavor no sugar no carbs no fat no nothing just awesome
—Guest Renee


Iced Coffee. Fill glass half ful of coffee,Add cocoa, splenda heavy cream and ice cubes. Great treat on a warm afternoon and very low carb. Plus it satsfies my craving for sweet. Cinnamon in place of cocoa is good also.
—Guest Jo ANn Helms


My Favorite at this time is the Emergen-C flavor powders. Most are 1000 mg Vit C and flavor water wonderfully.

fav beverage

I add crystallized lemon or lime (packets--new at Giant Eagle!!) to water, freshly brewed sun tea, or diet cola!!
—Guest mydear1

Refreshing sugar-free beverage

Trader Joe's sparkling waters - lime, mandarin orange and raspberry/lime are my favorites. When chilled, the fizz is perfect for quenching my thirst and refreshing me.
—Guest LE Wilson

My Favorite sugar-free beverage

In a blender add: 4 cups Crystal Light (or equivalent) lemonade; 4-5 fresh strawberries sliced; crushed ice. Blend & pour. YUM!
—Guest kperez

Coffee "Milkshake"

I pour some almond milk (about 1 1/2 to 2 cups) into a glass, add instant coffee crystals, sweetener, a dollop of heavy cream, and add sugar-free flavoring syrup and/or spices. A little bit higher in carbs, but a nice treat!

Frozen Strawberry Drink

Crushed ice, strawberries, Splenda, and no sugar added Coolwhip....Put ice, strawberries, and Aplenda in blender. Mix and put in cup, then top with Cool Whip.....love it.
—Guest elizabeth0210

Ice Tea

2 bags of Lipton tea,1 bag of your favorite Zinger,or sorted berry tea. Pour over ice. Very good.
—Guest Peigie

Sugar free Drinks

Chai tea made with chai tea bag, stevia & whipping cream. Also flavored sparkling water a squeeze of lemon or lime, and stevia.
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