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Readers Respond: Favorite Sugar-Free Beverages

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Updated March 21, 2011

We all know that sugary drinks are bad for us, and that water is the best alternative. Which sugar-free beverage do you like to drink? (And if you're stumped and need inspiration, check out these sugar-free beverages ideas.) Share Your Favorite


for those of you who miss orange juice, I finally found Sunkist brand orange citrus and orange/peach water enhancers. The orange citrus tastes like the old Tang that was popular back in the day. It isn't really a substitute for soda drinks but is refreshing it you add it to club soda for a pick me up in the afternoon.
—Guest jbrggs17

fruit concentrates

Laura, I didn't see you mention 2 sugar free concentrates! We use Zatarain's Root Beer concentrate and Pappy's Concentrates, which include green tea, raspberry, sassafras, and peach tea flavors, and I then add in our favorite artificial sweetener (Stevia for me). Both can be ordered directly from factory, if you can't find them locally. About $3.00 a bottle and makes alot of beverage! I would be willing, if permitted, to post company information, if anyone would be interested.

Soda water

Buy a Soda Stream machine and have all the carbonated water you can drink with no calories or carbohydrates.
—Guest Sharon Doenitz

My All Day Drink

I use apple cider vinegar (1 capful) in either iced tea flavored with 1 pkt of Splenda or diet cranberry juice. The ACV helps to curb my appetite. I drink this in a 16oz glass all day long.
—Guest poohbear

Low-carb Iced Cap

Our fav local coffee shop has 'Iced Capuccino' drinks which are loaded with sugar/cream. I learned to make my own with 1 tbsp instant coffee, 2 tbsp hot water, stevia to taste, 1 cup non-sweetened almond milk, and 1 cup ice. Dissolve the coffee in the hot water, add to blender with other ingredients. Blend into a great low-carb Iced Cap. For variety add vanilla or other flavourings, like hazlenut.
—Guest Jacuzzi


I put 6 green tea bags in a big pitcher and leave in the sun for a few hours. To that I add 1 cup UNSWEETENED cranberry juice. I put that into 6 20 oz bottles with 1 packet of Crystal light in each bottle. When I want a fizzy drink I add club soda. I have quit pop all together doing this. Good luck

My favorite sugar, carb free beverage

I was addicted to Mt. Dew I weaned myself off it with Mio Liquid, no fat no carbs, no sodium. They come in all flavors, and don't leave that nasty aftertaste you get from artificial sweeteners. I am not drinking any Mt. Dew now, I don't even miss it. My favorite is Sweet Tea.
—Guest kathiecutler

Sugar-free ices

My grandfather has diabetes so I try to make something good for him so I make blue ices to make these follow the following step by step •fill up a cup,bottle or a 2 litter .grab a sugarfree drink and fill it up •put it in the freezer for 3 hours •then drink Any questions email me panthercheer243@gmail.com
—Guest Alexis cleveley

No Artificial Sweeteners and Awesome

I like using a can of any flavor Zevia (Stevia sweetened pop) and adding a tbs of cream. Also the Zevia by itself is wonderful, they have every flavor you can imagine, from Cola, Dr. Pepper, Strawberry, Grape and many more! Some of the suggestions on here are not very low-carb friendly so do your own homework, as a diabetic, the artificial sweeteners were causing me blood sugar spikes, that's when I learned that many of them have sugar blended with them. Not to mention the other ill effects they can have on your health.

Club Soda and Flavored Drink Mixes

I don't drink pop/soft drinks, nor do I consume sugar in beverages. I buy cans of club soda or seltzer water (generic brands about $3.00/12-pack of 10 oz. cans) and add the packets of "Kool-Aid/Crystal Light" sugar-free mixes, (they are usually around $2-3 per box of 7-10 packets). You may have to add water if the flavor is too strong. Hawaiian Punch is $1 a box for about 7-10 packets and has the best flavors: Lemon Berry, Grape or how about Lemonade and Pink Lemonade. You can make the best, most refreshing sparkling lemonade ever, (for guests, buy the 2 liter, generic brand club soda/seltzer water for about a dollar a bottle)! The drink has a "kick", so I don't miss pop/soft drinks. I also order club soda when I go out, it is usually free or has free refills. This way, I get a variety of drinks and not just boring water!
—Guest Tracey

Sugar free beverages

Old Orchard cherry pomegranate juice concentrate. It is so flavorful that just a bit added to water makes the water quite refreshing. I blend the juice in one container, the add a bit to my drinking water.
—Guest Steve-O

Fruit Shake

I throw about a cup of strawberries, a cup of almond milk, stevia to taste, a cube of silken tofu in a blender and blender for a minute or so, and then add a scoop of ice cubes and frappe until thick. It is like a thick shake, refreshing and cold - A big slurp will give you an ice cream headache, though.
—Guest coffee slurper

Spicy Iced Tea

My current favorite summer drink is a tea made from boiling ginger and cinnamon. I slice an inch chunk of ginger thinly, add to a small pot of water with a crushed cinnamon stick or two (use pliers if necessary!), and simmer for 30-40 minutes. Strain (fine strainer or coffee filter) into a 2-quart pitcher, add cold water and the sweetener of your choice (I use stevia), and put in the fridge. It's so refreshing!

pina colodaish

my new fave is one cup low carb almond breeze unsweetened coconut/almond milk, one cup water, some fresh lime juice and stevia over ice. tastes like a treat and i don't even miss the rum! so satisfying and two carbs (one for the milk and one for the lime juice)
—Guest aimeezing

ascorbic acid/stevia lemonade

I LOVE my vitamin c "lemonade". I use a gallon of water, add 3 teaspoons of ascorbic acid crystals, 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid, and one teaspoon of stevia. It makes a delicious refreshing cold drink, and is good for you. Be careful how much you drink if you don't know what your tolerance for ascorbic acid is, but most of us can use a whole lot more than we eat or than is available in "vitamin c" tablets.
—Guest Sara Mandal-Joy

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Favorite Sugar-Free Beverages

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