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Low Carb for Life

Share Your Story: How I Lost Weight with Low-Carb Eating

By Valarie Wilder

Updated March 24, 2012

How much weight I lost and how long it took

As a 5'6 31 years of age female, I weighed 158 four months ago. Now I weigh 138 pounds. I have religiously maintained a low carb lifestyle for four months and practice hot yoga. I've had to stop all exercise for past month due to a fractured foot and still continue to lose weight. My profession is a hotel sales manager, so I am fairly inactive at work.

The approach I've used to lose weight

I planned my own low carb lifestyle, here's what it looks like and I plan to follow it for the rest of my life:

What what I added to my diet:

- Glasses of ice water with every meal (amount varies on my time)

- Dark green veggies with every meal (3 meals a day)

- Daily multi vitamins

- Peppermint tea 

- Blackberries

- Low sugar, low carb crunchy peanut butter 

- Cheeses (pepper jack, cheddar, mozerella)

- Low sodium, no nitrate/nitrite meats

- Heirloom tomatoes in morning eggs

- Low fat ground turkey, drained

What I eliminated from my diet:

- Bread

- Rice

- Any starches

- Candy and chocolate

- Milk

- Caffeine

- Any form of table sugar 

- Pasta

- Whole wheat or grain products

- Beer

- Fruit juices

The only serious challenge I've had is office sweets. I tell myself they are not an option. It's gotten easier to resist them as I eat more dark green vegetables with every meal, three times a day. They give me inner and outer strength. Also, I have to ignore people who tell me I need carbs to be healthy or it's OK to just have one cookie, you don't need to lose weight, don't you miss bread, etc.

Tips and Tricks

  • You cannot cheat. It has to a lifestyle change and your brain can't associate happiness with sugar and carbs.
  • Go to the grocery store 2-3 times a week for your fresh blackberries, dark green veggies (the dark green mixed green salad packs are great.)
  • If you love dessert find a low carb option and treat yourself. Mine is a spoonful of Trader Joe's flaxseed peanut butter
  • Watch the sugar/carbs on vinegar for your salads. Stay 3 or below per serving.
  • Buy a grill to make dinners more yummy.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Find an exercise routine you love.
  • Your significant other must take also take on this lifestyle

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