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Reader Stories: How I Lost Weight with Low-Carb Eating


Updated January 31, 2014

Perhaps nothing is as encouraging to our weight loss journeys than hearing how other people did it - and who better to give advice than successful dieters? You do not need to have reached a goal weight to tell your story and help others along the way.

Low Carb for Life

I planned my own low carb lifestyle, here's what it looks like and I plan to follow it for the rest of my life:What what I added to my diet:- Glasses of ice water with every meal (amount varies on my…More

Christmas Present: Weight Loss Goal!

My approach was not a diet! Diets are temporary by nature and therefore self-sabotage! My approach was a gradual change involving eliminating habits which were harmful and unhealthy and adding habits…More

Down 52 Pounds in 5 Months

I read both Atkin's books and researched the internet, bought some Atkin's cookbooks and carb counter to really help me out. Put a list of the "free foods" on the fridge too. I cut out all white food…More

"Fat is Friend" When Losing Over 200 Pounds

I lived in a nursing home from 2005 until 2009 and did a modified version of Atkins, mainly green salads and a protein for lunch and dinner each day. This past February, I started Atkins induction, s…More

Down 143 pounds in 20 months

The sudden death of my wife of 37 years prompted a lifestyle change that has led to a weight loss of 143 pounds in the last 20 months. After researching diet and nutrition. I've adopted a low carb/Pa…More

Goal Weight!!

I decided to go to a new local diet clinic and Low Carb is what they recommended. At first they wanted me to drink their protein shakes and use their vitamins, but eventually I switched to Atkins sha…More

50 Pounds Lost

I cut out soda, white sugar, white bread, white rice, fried foods. No junk food. I replaced that food with colorful natural foods. We eat alot of vegEtables, legumes, whole wheat products. I bought a…More

Losing Weight with Paleo

I started with counting calories in a weight loss challenge at work. After a few months I got tired of doing this, so I read up on the Paleo diet and cut out all dairy AND all grains including corn a…More

61 lbs in 5 months!

I had gotten to a point in my life where I never left the house because I was so ashamed of how I looked. I had never weighed so much in my life and it was hard for me to even walk. I stopped making …More

Lost and Maintained for a Year and Counting

No rice, spaghetti, no flour, i eat protein, fruits and a lot of vegetables. I drink a glass of milk 3 to 4 days a week. I get enough carb that my body needs through vegetables and fruits excluding p…More

Doing it "My Way" and Losing 60 Pounds

I wanted to live my life as I like to live my life that includes many social occasions that includes alcohol and food. Therefore, I committed myself to stay on track with the food guide and basically…More

60 Pounds in 7 Months

A few books and mainly about.com! We kept going and made it work, enjoy new things, experiment and grill everything it is fun! One challenge is eating out, we went to places that have options like Ru…More

96 Pound Weight Loss - Maintained!

My plan is based on Atkin's. My biggest challenges are the holidays, but I try to make sure, there are low carb choices available. When I do cheat, I try to prepare in advance, maybe lose a couple ex…More

100 Pounds Lost

I eat 6 small meals a day! Lot's of veggies and lean protein. No popular fad diet. I made up my own. My feelings are you must create something you can use forever so I did.Eating 6 small meals a day …More

Trying for a Second Success

I'm on my 2nd round with a low carb life style. About 5 years ago after seeing vacation pictures and not being able to look at myself I knew I had to do something. While on vacation we had decided to…More

Weight Loss and Fibromyalgia Relief

I read Atkins and Carbohydrate Addicts at that time and basically combined the two.The challenge of stress eating hasn't been overcome completely yet, but I am making progress! Recently lost 23 lbs i…More

Finally Found the Answer

I had never tried a low-carb diet before 2007. I believed the bad press that they were dangerous and bad for you. I was so wrong. I had been obese all my life. I am now 57. I would struggle for month…More

90 lbs Lost

I'm probably closest to Atkins, but I stop losing at about 60 carbs of day, so I don't have a lot of leeway. When I'm not into counting, I figure proteins and green vegetables are safe. My biggest ch…More

74 Pounds and No Need for Meds

As noted above, originally I started out on the Low GI diet but I quickly noticed...the less carbs I ate, the less insulin I needed. So I decided to go very low carb.My research lead me to find "The…More

56 Pounds and Improved Cholesterol

I went extremely low carb to start. Eggs, Eggs, and more eggs. Broiled, poached, fried, deviled, omelets!!! There is no lower carb food in the universe!!! I also ate a lot of salads, cheese and hambu…More

Protein Power

Hi There I am (was) a Personal Trainer working my clients hard and sending them to a nutritionist to try and achieve outstanding results , but it was not happening. I then discovered Protein Power...…More

Low-Carb Forever

I followed no formal low-carb plan - I read as much as I could about different approaches, and then just decided to cut carbs right across the whole spectrum. No bread, rice pasta or potatoes. I foun…More

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