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Julian Bakery Zero Carb Bread

Reader Reviews: Low-Carb Breads, Crackers, Cookies,and Other Baked Goods

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By MuchTooTrusting

Updated May 28, 2012

Low-Carb Breads and Bread Mixes

Name of product: 

Julian Bakery Zero Carb Bread reglular and/or cinnamon

Date of purchase: 

May 1, 2012

Carbohydrate Grams per Serving 


Calories per Serving 


Sweeteners (if any) in Product 


Ingredient List, if Feasible 

oats, egg whites, phusk, EVOO, baking soda, ACidervinegarcinnamon, stevia

Where did you purchase this product? 

online Julian Bakery

Price of product 

$7.99 loaf. Had to purchase 6 loaves to qualify for $15 shipping: $62.94

My Review 

Julian Bakery Carb Zero regular and/or cinnamon breads have a stinky smell and are absolutely not palatable. They do not allow any unfavorable reviews about their bread on their blogs so buyer beware with their claims about it being "great" tasting or "delicious." I tried to get the bread to taste fit to eat, but all my attempts were in vain, especially with the French toast which I tried to make in three different recipes. They should post all their great tasting, delicious recipes especially their "delicious" French toast recipes.

Yes, their Smart Carb bread is indeed delicious and I spent many hundreds of dollars at Whole Foods to purchase it; however, when I got on the scale and learned that I had gained eight pounds with no other change in my diet, Julian Bakery claimed that it was probably because of the gluten, which I bought into their explanation. However, when I actually had my bg tested, it spiked. And, that is why I switched to their Carb Zero breads which was a huge mistake...

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