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Fats in a Low-Carb Diet


Updated February 23, 2014

healthy fats
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Once you know how much carbohydrate and protein you need in your diet, the rest of the calories will come from fat. It is important to take care of your needs for essential fats, primarily Omega-3 fats, by eating foods such as fatty fish (like salmon) and flax seeds. Plant foods with a high amount of monounsaturated fat -- such as olives and olive oil, avocado, and nuts -- have been shown to have health benefits. 5 Healthy High-Fat Foods

Even saturated fats, which have been considered to be a damaging type of fat, has not been shown to be detrimental in several large studies, and perhaps particularly for people eating a low-carb diet. Still, a balance of fats, with an emphasis on sources such as olive oil and Omega-3 fats, is a good idea.

Many low-carb authors have been speaking out against trans fats since the mid 1990's -- they have always been ahead of the curve on this.
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