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What You Can Eat on the Sonoma Diet

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Updated June 25, 2014

Sonoma Diet Food

The Sonoma Diet

Connie Guttersen

Whole Grains

During Wave One, two servings of whole grains are allowed each day (one seems to be mandatory). During Wave Two, three or four daily servings are allowed - at least two seem to be mandatory.

Whole Grain Servings must be 100% whole grain and can consist of:

    1) Whole grain bread - must say 100% whole wheat or other whole grain - every grain listed on the label must say "whole". Each slice of bread must have at least two grams of fiber. Bread including cracked wheat is even better.

    2) Whole grain cereals - Cereals must also be entirely of whole grains. Additionally, each serving should have at least 8 grams of fiber. This means that the cereal must have added bran. For example "Total" is whole grain, but there is not enough fiber to qualify, as whole grains alone aren't high enough in fiber.

    3) Whole grain pasta - Again, make sure it is totally whole grain. ½ cup is one serving. Soba noodles which are 100% buckwheat are one whole-grain option.

    4) Cooked whole grains (serving=½ cup), including:

    • Barley
    • Brown, red, or black rice
    • Bulgar
    • Oats - groats, rolled oats, groats, or oat bran
    • Quinoa
    • Wheat berries or cracked wheat
    • Wild rice

    5) Popcorn - As part of a snack, popcorn can be included, if air-popped and without butter.

    Dairy Products

    Wave One:
    • Low Fat Cottage Cheese can be used as a protein
    • Up to one cup of fat free milk per day is allowed
    • One ounce of Parmesan or Mozzarella cheese is allowed

    In Wave Two, one cup of plain fat-free yogurt can be added.

    Beans and Other Legumes

    Beans and other legumes, such as those on this list, are allowed, although limited to ½ cup per day in Wave One.

    Fats, Oils, and Nuts

    Up to three servings per day from the following list:
    • Olive oil, 1 teaspoon
    • Canola oil, 1 teaspoon
    • Avocado, ¼
    • Almonds, 11
    • Peanuts, 14
    • Pecans, 10 halves
    • Walnuts, 7 halves

    Also, in Wave 2, 2 Tablespoons peanut butter can be used as a protein, or 1 Tablespoon as part of a snack

    Condiments and Sauces

    Condiments and sauces that avoid sugars and saturated fats are the key. Low Carb Condiment List


    The following beverages are allowed during Wave One of the Sonoma Diet:
    • Water, plain or sparkling
    • Tea - black, green, or herbal, no cream or sugar
    • Coffee - black, or with up to 2 packets artificial sweetener per day and/or up to 1 Tablespoon heavy cream per day

    Artificially sweetened drinks such as diet soda are discouraged, but allowed, up to two cans per day.

    For Wave Two, 6 ounces of wine per day can be added

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