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Protein Power

Information about the Protein Power plan, by Michale and Mary Dan Eades. How to follow the plan, menus, pros and cons.

Protein Power Diet Overview
Basic Information about the Protein Power diet.

Getting Started on Protein Power
Six steps to be successful on the Protein Power Diet.

Protein Power Diet Intervention Phase
Information about the Intervention Phase of the Protein Power Diet.

Protein Power Transition Phase
A description of the Transition Phase in the Protein Power program.

Protein Power Maintenance Phase
Description of the maintenance phase of the Protein Power diet.

Pros and Cons of the Protein Power Diet
Positives and negatives of the Protein Power diet by Micheal and Mary Eades.

Protein Power Book List
Book list for the Protein Power Diet Plan by Michael and Mary Dan Eades, with links to best prices.

Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.
Michael's blog is geared toward emerging science and diet-related news.

Low Carb Cookworx
Web site of the Eades' cooking show on PBS - includes yummy recipes!

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