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Low-Carbohydrate Nutrition

Nutrition in low-carb foods; how to get nutrients on a reduced-carbohydrate diet.
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Low-Carb and High-Nutrition; Making Your Carbs Count
Choosing foods wisely on a low-carb diet to make sure you're getting the nutrients you need.

Nutrition Labels for Low-Carb Eaters
How to read a Nutrition Facts food label, with emphasis on important points for people eating low-carb diets.

Low Carbohydrate Food Guide
What should a low carb eaters "food pyramid" look like? Here's an eating plan for those on low carbohydrate diets.

5 Important Nutrients in Low-Carb Diets

Protein: How Much Do You Need?
What is protein? How much protein do we need? Is it possible to eat too much protein? These are important questions for people following a low carb way of eating, who usually are replacing part of their carbohydrate intake with protein.

Low Carb Food Pyramid - Illustration of What Low Carb Food to Eat
An illustrated guide to the Low Carb Pyramid.

Understanding Carb Counts
Reading a food label and understanding how a food's carb counts can vary, using a reader's question as an example.

High Fiber, Low Carb: Getting Fiber on a Low Carb Diet
The benefits of fiber, different types of fiber, getting enough fiber on a low carb diet.

How to Overcome Fat Phobia
Get over the fear of eating fats -- they are not evil!

Fiber Counts in Common Low Carb Foods
Counts for fiber and usable carbs in some high fiber low carb foods.

Is the Glycemic Index Useful?
Issues surrounding the use of the glycemic index in making food choices. Does it do us any good to know they glycemic index of a food?

Quick Quiz: What Foods are High in Potassium?
How well do you know your high-potassium foods?

Choline - Food for Thought
Choline is a nutrient in the B Vitamin family, which shows strong signs of being quite important to our early development, and all through our lives in our brains, livers, and perhaps much more.

Sugar's Many Disguises
Learn about the many ingredients that simply mean "sugar".

What Fiber Can Do For You
Surprising new information about fiber and its benefits to your body..

Best Nutritional Buys: They're Low Carb!
According to a study in the current Journal of the American Dietetic Association, the best way to get the most nutrition for the lowest cost are foods that also happen to be low in carbohydrates. So in terms of nutrition, you can save money by eating low carb.

What Are Sugar Alcohols?
Information about and comparisons of the various sugar alcohols such as maltitol. How each impacts blood glucose.

Maltitol: Just Say No!
The problems with maltitol, and better alternatives.

"Balanced Diet" Not Good Diet Advice for Low-Carb Eaters
Why the advice to eat a "moderate, balanced diet" doesn't work for everyone.

Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables
A chart of 46 top-selling fruits and vegetables and their pesticide scores.

Old Vs New Glycemic Index - Comparisons and Issues
If you seem to remember a glycemic index that had some foods with values over 100, you aren’t hallucinating. For quite awhile there were two coexisting glycemic indexes. I compare the two and talk about some issues in converting to the "new" system, for researchers and consumers.

Nutrient Profiles of Vegetable and Nut Oils
Charts from netrition.com showing macronutrient profiles of various oils and the fatty acid composition of various Oils

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