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Salads from Around the World

International Salad Recipes


Updated June 26, 2014

Chinese chicken salad
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One of the constant standbys on a low-carb diet is salad. In fact, salads can be SO constant that we can get quite sick of them at times! But truly, there is no need for that. A salad can be as varied as the countries in the world, and the vegetables in your market. Try a variety of colors, flavors, and seasonings in your next salad. To get you started, I've collected salads which are low in carbohydrate from many of the About.com Food Sites. So prepare for a Salad Adventure!

Salad Basics

Which dressings are healthiest? What's the best way to toss a salad? These basics will get you started.

Salads as Meals

These salads include protein, and are fine as a whole meal. Of course, a protein source can be added to almost any salad. Unless marked, they are from this Low Carb Diets site.

Salads on the Side

These salads can be a first course or side dish.
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