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Low-Carb Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Menu and Recipes


Updated July 06, 2014

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Photo © Jack Puccio

The Super Bowl is proof that people are almost driven to develop food traditions. Did you know that the Super Bowl has become one of the biggest food "holidays" in the U.S? You may think that it would be difficult to party while eating low carb, but in fact, it's not that hard -- there are lots of low-carb options for celebrating with friends, including those who are watching the football game, those who are more interested in the commercials, and those who are chatting off to the side. You needn't send your blood glucose or insulin up to celebrate the game!

The Crucial Elements of a Super Bowl Party

Things to keep in mind when planning food for a Super Bowl party:
  1. Everything should be able to be made ahead
  2. Everything should be easily made self-serve
  3. Everything should be able to be eaten while sitting in front of the TV -- this is not a sit-down dinner. This means finger foods and food easily eaten out of a mug or bowl, which is probably why chili is so popular.


Of course, there must be snacks, and good low-sugar choices are:


Usually drinks for a Super Bowl Party aren't of the fussy variety. Resources for low-carb beverages:

Hot Food

The best kind of hot food is something you can have simmering in a crock pot or on the stove. Examples:

Finger Food

Wings aren't popular Super Bowl food for nothing -- any protein that you can pick up with your hands is perfect. Ideas:


You have to have a treat to cap off the celebration (or console the losers), but you don't need to OD on sugar in the process:

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