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Added Sugars


Updated May 17, 2010

Granulated White Sugar (Sucrose)

Granulated White Sugar (Sucrose)

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Definition: Added sugars are any type of sugar, be it white sugar (sucrose), molasses, honey, etc, which are added to a food before selling it. Some whole foods have sugars in them naturally, which are not counted as added sugars. So a basket of fresh strawberries does not have "added sugars," but a package of frozen strawberries packed in syrup does have added sugars. Although sweet foods usually come to mind when we think of sugars, almost all processed food has them, including condiments, soups, and pasta sauces. Here is a list of some of the ingredients which are types of added sugars.

Most added sugars (including white sugar, honey, maple syrup, and high fructose corn syrup) are about half fructose, which has been shown to increase risk factors for heart disease.
100% orange juice, which does have a lot of sugar, does not have "added sugars". On the other hand, most "juice drinks" (and most other bottled and canned drinks) have a lot of added sugars.
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