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Fitness for Beginners

Tips for the overweight and/or not so athletic to get started and keep going on a fitness program.
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Are You Losing Fat, or Just Losing Weight?
Is the scale telling you what you need to know? Here is information about body fat percentage, with a body fat calculator and charts of healthy body fat percentages.

Body Fat Calculator
This calculator will help you to find the percentage of your body which is fat (as opposed to muscle, etc.)

How to Make a Sugar-Free Sports Drink - Recipe for Low Carb Sports Dri
A look at what sports drinks contain, and how to approach getting our needs met in a lower carb (and much less expensive) way.

Plus-Size Yoga
Think you have to be young and thin to do yoga? Not so! About.com Guide Ann Pizer gives plus-sized tips on getting started.

Exercise For Beginners
Beginning an exercise program is confusing, at best. Let Paige Waehner, About's Exercise Guide, help you get started.

How to Walk - Absolute Beginner Walking Program
Walking is one of the best ways to begin a fitness program that can last for a lifetime. About's Wendy Wendy Bumgardner has the best Walking site on the Web, and she has lots of great ideas for beginners. Be sure to explore the whole "Beginners" section.

Fitness Can Offset Fatness In New Federal Standard
"The good news is that you can have a high body mass index (BMI - a relative measure of body height to body weight) and can actually be healthier than someone who is thin but sedentary,"

Active at Any Size
Great pamphlet on fitness for large people. Did you know that many studies have shown that fitness is much more important than weight as a health indictor?

Pound Away
For many overweight people exercise presents a special set of challenges. Here's some advice for getting started and not getting discouraged.

Fit, fat and healthy
Researchers are challenging the idea that you need to be a size 10 to be in shape. Heavy people can be fit too.

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