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Low-Carb Cooking Videos

Easy Low-Carb Recipes and Cooking Videos


Updated February 22, 2014

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video is worth even more! Some of these are my recipes, and others are simply low-carb recipes produced by About.com for my site or other About.com Food Sites. People have found them to be very helpful. As one reader wrote of my cauliflower "rice" recipe, "I've known about this recipe for years, but always thought it would be hard to do or time-consuming or something. Having the video link was the key for me, because seeing it done convinced me about how easy this really is. To think, all those years I could have been enjoying this recipe! Dang!"

1. Low-Carb Snack and Dessert Videos

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These videos contain ideas and recipes for low-carb snacks and desserts, including peanut butter protein balls, cheesecake, flax crackers, and almond pie crust.

2. Low-Carb Vegetable Videos

© Charles Islander
How to cook spaghetti squash, make cauliflower "rice" and mashed cauliflower, and many more!

3. Low-Carb Main Dish Videos

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How to make fajitas, frittatas, blackened catfish, and more!

4. How to Make Low-Carb Flax Meal Bread

Photo © About.com

I call this bread "focaccia-style" because it is baked flat on a sheet pan, and then cut up into whatever sized pieces you want. It is "rough" in texture like heavy whole grain breads. Since it isn't made with wheat, it doesn't have the same kind of grain as wheat breads, but the carb in flax is almost all fiber.  Here's my original recipe for the flax bread, and here is more information about flax.

5. How to Flip an Egg (Look Ma, No Utensils!)

Photo © About.com

Almost every morning I have fried eggs with something  (usually over leftover vegetables or with flax toast).  I love that I can do it so fast - by the time the vegetables are heated or the bread is toasted, the eggs are usually done.  I taught myself how to flip the eggs without untensils, and now you can do it too!  It's actually fun, and only takes a little practice - then you can feel proud of your new skill!  (I practiced over the sink until I was sure of myself, but I only actually "missed" once or twice.)

6. How to Make Cauliflower "Rice"

Photo © About.com

This cauliflower "rice" is suprisingly versitile and easy to make. The flavor is mild, and can be used with a curry dish, as the basis for fried "rice", or many other rice dishes (I like to make a low-carb chicken biriyani with it).  See also: my recipe for this dish,  and also my recipes for Caulflower "Potato" Salad and Mashed Cauliflower.

7. How to Make Spanish Romesco Sauce

Photo © About.com

Here's another version of pesto which is great on spaghetti squash.  Romesco Sauce is sort of a Spanish pesto, which has sometimes been called the "ketchup of Spain".  It's made from red peppers, almonds, and spices.  It's great on vegetables, fish, meats or poultry.

8. How to Braise Meat

Photo © About.com

Braising is a cooking technique that is perfect for tough cuts of meat such as pork shoulder, short ribs, or a chuck roast (bonus: these cuts are often the least expensive as well).  The connective tissue breaks down to create a succulent dish.  Stews are a type of braise, and here is a demonstration of braising a brisket.

9. How to Saute' Vegetables

Photo © About.com

Saute' means "jump" or "leap" in French.  So what do we mean when we say we're going to saute' some vegetables?  Here's a demo.

10. How to Make a Classic Cobb Salad

Photo © About.com

What a great combinations of flavors, and very low in carbs!  Cobb salads:  Yum!

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