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Top Low-Carb Cocktails

Delicious Cocktails that are Low in Carbs -- Most are Low-Calorie


Updated August 08, 2014

Do you enjoy a cocktail from time to time? You may know that most of them have lots of sugar, so don't work well for those who are watching their carbohydrate or sugar intake. Here are ways of dramatically lowering the sugar in some of your favorite cocktails. Since a lot of the calories in most cocktails are from sugar, most of these are also low-calorie cocktails.

1. How to Make Low-Carb Cocktails and Other Mixed Drinks

Margarita on the rocks
John E. Kelly/Photodisc/Getty Images
Here are the principles of making low-carb and sugar-free cocktails and mixed drinks. Learn where the sugar lurks (you may find some surprises), and how to make substitutions which will work when you're watching your carbs and sugar.

2. Sugar-Free Margarita

Photo: Anthony-Masterson / Getty Images
Some people find it hard to imagine eating Mexican food without a margarita to go with it. But most of them are very high in sugar! This one has just 2 grams of carb per drink.

3. Low-Carb Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Photo © Rebecca Ellis
It's easy to see why this festive cocktail is so popular. But can it be low in carbs? It can!

4. Sugar-Free Mojito

mojito cocktail
Photo: Thomas Northcut / Getty Images
There are a few tricks to making mojitos that are sugar-free, low-carb, and low in calories.

5. Sugar-Free Pina Colada

Pina Colada
Photo © Boris Ryzhkov

A typical Pina Coloda is loaded with sugar, but we don't have to send our blood sugar up to enjoy this bit of tropical heaven.

6. Sugar-Free Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri
Photo: Don Farrall / Getty Images
This sugar-free frozen strawberry daiquiri can also be made without the rum for a summer drink for adults or kids.

7. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Cocktail
Photo: Don Farrall/Getty Images
Have a nice brunch cocktail and get a serving of vegetables at the same time! A Bloody Mary is a great high-flavor lower-carb, sugar-free cocktail. This recipe is legal for Phase Two of the South Beach Diet. See notes on how to adjust carbs for other low-carb plans.

8. Low-Carb White Russian

White Russian Cocktail
Photo © László Rákoskerti
Did you know that a White Russian cocktail can contain almost as much sugar as an 8-oz. glass of a cola drink? Here's a way to make a sugar-free White Russian.

9. Sugar-Free Tropical Punch

Fruit Punch
Photo © Michael Gray
This is a refreshing tropical punch, but without all the sugars which are in punches based with fruit juice. It is low in calories, sugar, and carbs, and can be made in alcoholic or non-alcoholic versions.

10. Sugar-Free Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour Cocktail
Photo: Eising / Getty Images
The classic whiskey sour cocktail is usually made with mixers which contain a lot of sugar. Here's how to make a sugar-free low-calorie whiskey sour.

11. Low-Carb Tom Collins (or Vodka Collins)

Tom Collins Drink
Photo © Ivan Mateev
Tom Collins drinks are usually made with a pre-made mixer which contains a fair amount of sugar. Don't let that keep you from enjoying this refreshing drink. A Vodka Collins is exactly the same thing, only using vodka instead of gin. This drink is low in calories as well as carbs.

12. Sugar-Free Lynchburg Lemonade

Lynchburg Lemonade
Photo © Alexander Orlov
Lynchburg Lemonade is a great summer drink. Unfortunately, it is also loaded with sugar, as standard recipes have up to 40 grams of sugar. This recipe preserves the flavors while getting rid of the sugar and carbs, and a lot of the calories.
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