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Calculators for Protein Requirements
Protein Needs Calculators for Adults

It's important that we eat enough protein each day to cover our body's needs. These two calculators can help you figure out your protein requirements. As I described in How Much Protein Do You Need?, the standard minimum amount of daily protein recommended is .37 gram per pound of body weight (or .8 grams per kilogram of body weight). However, your own personal needs vary based on multiple factors including your age, activity level, weight loss goals, and more. This first calculator will calculate a minimum and maximum range for you, simply based on your weight.

Protein Needs Calculator

The second way to calculate protein needs uses lean body mass and activity level rather than total body weight. With the additional factors taken into account, this method provides a more personalized snapshot of how much protein you should be consuming. To obtain the information needed for this calculator, the steps are:

1) Figure out your body fat percentage. The easiest way to do this is using the tape measure method), or you can try the other methods described here.
2) Plug your body fat percentage, your total body weight, and your activity level into the calculator below. Descriptions of the different activity levels are on this page.

Protein Needs Calculator (lean body mass method)

Once you have your recommended amount of protein figured out, you can use a food tracker like Calorie Count to see if you're meeting your requirements. Ideally, you should be getting the majority of your protein from whole foods. While beef, chicken, fish, and pork are common sources, don't forget that dairy, nuts, beans, seeds, and even some whole grains contain healthful amounts too. See here for a list of high protein foods and the amount of protein in each.

Thanks to Emily Dolson for creating these calculators.

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