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Laura Dolson

Dreamfields Pasta - Is it Really Low-Carb?

By May 19, 2011

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dreamfieldsMany low-carbers would love to find a good-tasting, genuinely low-carb pasta. Dreamfields brand makes this claim, but is it accurate? I've received lots of varied reports about this pasta over the years, so I set out to see what I could learn. I've talked with a scientist from Dreamfields who explained about how they test the pasta. Then I communicated with one who did a study published in Diabetes Care which showed very different results from Dreamfields' claims. What are we to make of these wild differences? It's hard to say, but I take a stab at it. And I have important information about using Dreamfields pasta if you decide to try it. Check out the full article: Is Dreamfields Pasta Really Low in Carbs?

Also, one thing that I didn't have the space to write about in the article is an interesting side note about this study by Frank Nuttall, et al in Diabetes Care which compared Dreamfields to traditional pasta. If you page down to the graphs, you will see two different graphs for different groups of subjects given both the Dreamfields and regular pasta. In both groups, the Dreamfields and traditional pastas caused about the same blood sugar rise, but there is a lot of difference between the groups - in fact, there's almost no overlap. Dr. Nuttall tells me that this is likely because the group in the top graph were older than the other group. So even though none of the subjects had diabetes or prediabetes, the older group had a much higher blood gluocose response, at least to the naked eye (as far as I know, they weren't compared statistically). I thought that was interesting, though not surprising from what we are learning about the progress of diabetes-spectrum disorders through the lifespan.

Image Courtesy of Dreamfields Foods

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