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Laura Dolson

Low-Carbing When Sick

By January 6, 2010

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low-carbYuck, I have a nasty messy cold. My brain seems to be clogged to the point where getting thoughts together to write anything substantive is too difficult to be worth it.

The "sick foods" people often fall back on tend to be pretty carby - toast, noodles, ice cream, etc. So what to do on a low-carb diet?

These are the things I'm eating while I'm sick. I like to have some of these things in the freezer for when illness strikes:
  • Chicken soup with vegetables
  • Cinnamon Toast made with flax meal bread (for a special treat, put 1 tablespoon cinnamon and some sweetener in the batter)
  • Muffins (several low-carb muffin recipes on this page): Also, I was experimenting with some muffins a couple of weeks ago that didn't turn out well, so I froze them. I'm thinking of making them into an easy bread pudding.
  • Eggs
  • Sugar-Free Jello
  • Sugar-Free Ginger Ale
What do you like to eat when you are sick? Answer in the comments below.

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January 7, 2010 at 2:03 pm
(1) Caril says:

Hi Laura… First of all, I’m really sorry to hear you are sick! I hope you get well very quickly…

Second of all,I just discovered this website a couple of days ago and am really enjoying it.

As one who tried the Atkins diet many years ago, I am happy to see a website that is positive about it.

I’ve also done the South Beach, and am I guess straddling the two.

My dermatologist lost 30 lbs with the Atkind diet and believes in it completely… so I would say I’m going more in that direction for my weight loss plans.

Anyway… GREAT website, lots of new things out there I didn’t know about… have some questions for you, but will post them later.

Get well soon!


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